Afternoon Delight And Friday Night Surprise!

When I was 22, enjoying the San Francisco gay scene, I got bored and turned off with the sissy scene and the pattycake pedophiles that cluttered up the Tenderloin. I became drawn to the sinister yet exciting Folsom leather scene. I liked the look of leather, the smell of it and especially the ruggedly handsome macho types that frequented the leather bars. I met a kid my own age, Danny, and we became buddies. Danny knew his way around the scene and took me places and showed me things that turned me on more and more.

Most of the bars had sleazy back rooms where guys go it on. I was a bit shy and a little scared but let guys suck me off or fuck me bent over a sink. The idea of being fucked in a shadowy bathroom while dudes were doing each other excited me. I liked the aggressiveness of the older pushy studs.

"Get down and suck my dick, boy!" Snarled a really hot bearded biker type and that turned me on like nothing else! To be controlled, commanded and forced to suck his cock as several other dudes watched was hot! We went back there a LOT and I spent more and more time hanging out in the back room looking for someone to take charge.

Danny and I used to go to his place in the afternoons where we watched his extensive collection of leather fisting pornos which totally got me hot! Danny was very much into dildo play and he even had one shaped like a fist and forearm. It was about the size of a teenagers arm. I got into fantasizing that I was really being fisted. As our dildo scenes got more intense Danny suggested we do some 'dildo dominance' fantasy scenes. That was hot and I said 'fuck yes!'

I knew Danny's Dad was a long haul trucker who wasn't home a lot. But on the occasions that I did see him he impressed me as the ideal macho stud I'd like to really get it on with. I think he liked me because he always called me 'Baby Cakes' or 'Cutie Patootie.' I used to like to hang around when he was there in the off chance I might get a glimpse of him in his underwear or coming from the shower.

Danny's dildo dominance sessions were getting longer, more into leather fantasy space and I was being drawn deeper and deeper into heavy butt play. That afternoon Danny took me down into the basement where I'd never been before. It was awesome! Mirrors, candles, a sling chained to some heavy posts! He had a table set up with lube, poppers, an array of dildos. He put me in the sling, fastened the restraints, blindfolded me saying it would enhance the fantasy...I could imagine whatever I wanted. It was like a scene out of one of Danny's pornos.

He started talking trash, telling me how hot my butt looked, how he was going to take me places I'd never been before. He put a collar around my neck and clamps on my nipples and that turned me on even more.

He started out, like always, with medium sized dildos and worked his way up to the 'destroyer' which I liked best of all only this time he went deeper than usual which caused me to moan a little but it felt good! Then I could feel he was using the fist dildo and I got off on the way it strained at my sphincter followed by an erotic rush as it slid inside of me like it was being sucked in.

I was panting from the intensity of it. Danny gave me more poppers and continued his trash talk while he pistoned the fist dildo in long sensual strokes. 'How's that feel, bitch? You like it don't you, boy?' He crooned as he began to piston faster and deeper. 'You need a real fist, baby! I big fat fist up your hot hole! I know you want it! I've seen you looking at my Dad like you want to jump on his fist! Isn't that right, pig?' He snarled.

I babbled that I did. 'Yeah, man! I want a big fist in my ass! I want your Dad's fist in me!' Danny grew silent. I heard him step away as if he was going over to the table to get something. I heard what I thought was him returning and slowly the fist dildo was extracted from my ass. More lube was shoved up my ass, more than we normally used for dildo scenes.

I felt fingers massaging my hole in a circular motion. Three then four and then I felt the thumb slip inside. He was actually going to do it! Danny was going to fist me! His hand felt big. Bigger than the fist dildo. It came up against my sphincter and I was sure that was going to be it. Danny shoved poppers under my nose, told me to take a lot of it. It didn't occur to me at the time, but how could Danny, who was between my legs, reach all the way up and unscrew a bottle of poppers with one hand half way up my ass? The poppers did their magic and I was floating on erotic waves of sensual euphoria.

The hand pressed harder and I began to feel some pain but was determined not to chicken out. Danny gave me more poppers. 'Relax, baby! Push like you're taking a shit! That's it!!!' He encouraged as the knuckles began to slip past. Then all of a sudden my sphincter seemed to give up, surrendering to the invader and the hand shot inside just like the fist dildo did.

It was awesome! I was nothing at all like a cock or a dildo! I felt fingers moving and teasing my guts! It was the most intense erotic feeling I'd ever had. I wanted to shout! To tell the world that I'd made it! I was being fisted! The hand paused allowing me to adjust and collect myself. More poppers. Then the fist began to slowly and sensually piston in and out. I was moaning and sighing ecstatically savoring the exquisitely beautiful feel of it.

Then Danny began dripping hot wax on my body. I winced as each drop hit my nipples but loved the tingling sensations that followed each drop. I felt a cock brush my cheek and it took me a minute to wonder how Danny could be rubbing his cock across my face and fist me at the same time?

"Surprise!" Danny chuckled as he yanked the blindfold off and I saw Jack, his Dad, grinning up at me from between my legs. Jack had fisted me! He was the first to get my cherry! I was happy. We played for the rest of the afternoon and all of my fantasies about Jack came true. He was rough in a gentle sort of way. He was dominant but considerate and he became my mentor and guide.

To celebrate my initiation Jack offered to take us both out to dinner and a night at the 'Slot' which was one of my favorite leather bath houses. There were sure going to be a lot of surprised dirty old men over there tonight! We ate up on Polk street where I used to hang out in my twinkie days. I saw several kids I knew from my days of hustling along the avenue. They looked at me in my Levi's and leather jacket in the company of two leather dudes and shook their heads. They didn't know what they were missing!

We got to the 'Slot' around nine. Jack had reserved one of the larger sling rooms on the third floor next to the orgy room. I'd been in it before. It was a hot room. It had sliding partitions into the orgy room which allowed for blowjobs or providing a view to anyone who cared to look in on us.

Danny and I douched thoroughly while Jack set the room up. When we returned he was talking to one of his friends whom I'd seen around before and had let fuck me one night. He smiled broadly. Obviously Jack had told him I wasn't a virgin anymore.

Jack dumped out his large gym bag filled with leather, toys, Crisco, handcuffs and all sorts of devices. He gave me a collar and told me to put it on. Danny put one on too. Next came tit clamps and cock rings. Jack poured some white powder onto a silver tray, made neat little lines and handed it first to Danny who used a straw and snorted three lines. Danny handed it to me and I snorted four lines thinking it was just some cheap-assed cocaine.

It wasn't! I drew in my breath and felt a fiery rush race and roar through my body setting off wildly erotic sensations and filled me with freaky, kinky, fantasies. Jack chuckled when I asked him what it was. He told me it was something to loosen me up so I could get with the 'program.' It sure as fuck did! All I wanted to do was suck cock or get fucked or fisted or whatever!

"Why don't you come on over and give our guest a blowjob, boy?" Suggested Jack. I went over to Adrian, where he was sitting in a big chair, I knelt between his legs and ravenously devoured his fat pulsing prick while Jack plugged my ass from behind.

"Suck it, kid! Make love to that dick, you cum guzzling little slut!" Jack snarled as he pounded my ass, slapping it now and then. I was totally into it. The obscenity and perversion of it turned me on to the max! I wanted to be used, abused, fucked, fisted and degraded! It was an all consuming compulsion. Adrian came in my mouth, Jack filled my ass with a torrent of hot thick cum and then Danny wanted to fuck me.

After Adrian left and Danny had shot off in me, Jack told me to put a pair of studded leather bikinis on. He wanted to take a 'stroll.' He snapped a thin chain to my collar and we strolled down the dimly lit corridors. It was more him showing me off and arousing interest than in going anywhere specific.

We stopped at several rooms where he chatted with friends and invited them up to visit later. One of the rooms we stopped at was occupied by a big muscular black stud with an enormously long thick cock which I couldn't take my eyes off of! He too said he be up later and we left. Jack led me into the sparsely filled orgy room and had me blow him while others watched. It turned me on.

When we got back to the room Danny was busy getting his ass fucked by a good looking biker. Jack gave me a joint and we shared it until Danny was through and his trick left. Jack laid out the 'plan.' He was going to hold 'open house' with me in the sling and he and Danny would work me over with wax and cocks while I got my ass fucked by whom ever wanted it.

"I want you nice and loose, boy. I have big plans for your hot little hole and I don't want it all tight and hard to work with," He smiled as he opened the door with me invitingly displayed in the sling. Guys stopped, looked in and Jack waved them in.

"Come on in, we're having a little pussy pounding party on my boy here. Step right up and help yourself." He chuckled. For the next hour, at least, I was repeatedly fucked until cum just oozed from my ass. The drugs, the poppers and the grass did their thing and I was really into it as Danny did the wax thing and Jack directed the whole scene.

The big black stud with the awesome dick came in and REALLY did a number on my ass! Satisfied that I was ready for whatever Jack had in mind, he closed the door and returned to the sling. In the gym bag he had a video camera which he handed to Danny.

"Now, baby, we're gonna really teach your hot little ass to perform!" He grinned as he lubed up his hand and forearm. He really didn't need a lot of Crisco as my ass was thoroughly lubed with cum. More poppers. Then he began to massage my already distended hold and with a surprising kind of cork screw twist he worked his hand into me and it was as if I hadn't been really fucked at all until then. I loved the feel as it slid in and began to massage my innards. He slowly and sensually fisted me, then he worked his big cock into his hand. He was jacking off inside of me! God what a turn on! I began to babble encouragements.

"Oh, man! Fuck me! That's fucking wild!" I panted as he intensified his fisting and fucking his hand at the same time. Danny was videoing the whole thing. I began to hump and grind my buns on Jack hand and cock. He came and we paused for a while. Then he asked me if I knew what 'punch fucking' was? I told him I didn't. He said he'd show me.

He formed his fingers into a cone, and shoved it up my ass, pistoned a few strokes and pulled it out. Then he did it over and over again. Each time he did it the traumatic beauty of it drove me wild. He punch fucked me for what seemed like a very long time. There was a knock at the door and Danny let in some of Jack's buddies that we'd talked to earlier. The circled the sling and stroked their cocks as Jack continued to punch fuck my ass.

"Fuck his face, he needs some dick." Jack encouraged. Tiring of fisting Jack withdrew his fist and on of his friends took over. From there it kind of blended into a blur of fisting, cock sucking and being jacked off on. It was like a surrealist beautiful dream. I tripped out, relaxed and enjoyed all the things that were happening.

It must have been well after midnight when Jack's friends left. Danny had used up all of the video tape and it was just us three. Now Jack wanted to do some degradation scenes with Danny and me. He stood up, had Danny get behind him and lick his ass while he pissed in my mouth. I'd never done that before but Jack knew what he was doing. He used short controlled bursts and again I was turned on to be doing totally perverted shit. We all kind of just petered out after that and crashed.

We woke up to the god awful sound of loud opera, the grumpy manager's way of encouraging us all to get the fuck out so he could clean up. We went to Jack's place and crashed. My butt was sore as hell but it was a good feeling. I knew I could take it now and I could indulge my long pent up desires to be a fist slut.