My job keeps me traveling around a lot and I don't get to settle in one place very long. This time I was assigned to work in Boston and I was staying in a hotel in the Back Bay. Not knowing anyone and wanting to get off, I signed onto a local bulletin board. I posted that I was looking to get piggy that night. As usual, I posted a photo of myself (reclining on a chair, dressed only in a dirty jock and nipple clips, licking my Jumbo Jack Dildo).

After cleaning out, I checked my e-mail and saw I got a response from S. S was looking for some serious ass play including rimming (a personal favorite of mine). His photo also interested me as he was dressed in black chaps, with a large black Rambone Dildo sticking out of his ass. I called him and after a slightly strange call, we decided it would work well to meet up with him at his apartment. It was close enough to my hotel that I decided to walk. Seeing that S. was into leather, I tried to figure out what to wear, given I wasn't home and didn't have a lot with me. I had my black leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of faded ripped jeans. So I put my cock ring on, put on the jeans (commando style), a white tee shirt and the jacket. The hotel had a back entrance you could come in and out off through the garage, so I wouldn't call too much attention to myself (I didn't want to scare the old ladies in the lobby, with my cock tip hanging out of my pants).

I got to the address and this good looking guy was hanging in the doorway, wearing just nylon running pants and an old tee shirt. It was also obvious he had no underwear on from the hardon he was sporting. I asked him if he was S. and told him who I was. He didn't seem to know who I was. I reminded him that we just spoke a little while ago and he realized his confusion. S. apologized and said that he thought I was someone else he set up a play date with. I was disappointed and started to go but S. gave me a quick look over and told me to come on up.

His apartment was a type of railroad layout (all the rooms off a common hallway) on the third floor of a walk up. He told me that he had roommates but they didn't mind him having company. His TV set was playing an old Christopher Rage video that I loved, Manholes. Spreads out on his bed were dildoes, lube and a couple of bottles of poppers.

He told me to take off my clothes and make myself comfortable. S. then asked me if I partied -- it didn't come up in our phone conversation. Although I wasn't planning on it, being the piggy that I am, I said sure. S. excused himself to get a pipe from one of his roommates.

Since S. told me to make myself comfortable, I lubed up my trusty old Jumbo Jack and started to enjoy watching the video. S. came into the room already smoking a bowl. "I see to are getting comfortable," S. said as he handed me the pipe and took over playing with my hole. There aren't many things as enjoyable as smoking t and having someone work over your hole at the same time.

I handed S. back the pipe and he put it down and began eating my ass with gusto. He licking my bud, nibbled, chewed on my lips and I swear he unhinged his jaw to shove his tongue back up through my colon. I was getting into this when he asked to get on all fours. I was enjoying the tonguing but I figured S. was the type of guy who liked to be in the driver seat so I didn't complain.

S. was still dressed at this point and decided to take off his running pants. Wow, was I happy he asked me to come up. He was bigger and thicker than some of the dildoes on the bed. " I'm going ride your bitch ass tonight," S. said as he slapped my ass. Without further ado, S. slammed into me up to the hilt. It took me a little by surprise and I must have yelped. S. stopped and asked me if I was OK. I said yes but I wasn't quite ready for him. He immediately apologized and told me that he still had his head on about his other play date, who liked it on the rough side.

S. offered me some more smoke, which I happily accepted. I grabbed a bottle of his poppers and took a big inhale. S. took a hit of the poppers too and began again to gently fuck my brain out. Slowly but steadily S. worked his cock in and out of my ass until we got into a rhythm: I was able to match his thrusts in with a push back of my ass. I could feel S. getting ready to cum and I tightened my sphincter around his tool. He filled me with an impressive load. Before a single sperm could leak out, S. clamped his mouth on my cummy asshole and cleaned me out. I literally went weak in the knees from the sensation and lay on my back with my head at the head of the bed.

S. continued to play with my ass but lay down next to me with his head at the foot of the bed exposing his beautiful puckered ass hole. S. asked me to pass him a can of elbow grease and a bottle of poppers. He then handed me his black rambone and told me that I didn't have to be gentle with him. So as he was fingering my sloppy hole, I started fingering his. I thought S. would be tight, as his hole appeared shut tight. But as I heard him inhale his poppers and I barely touched his hole, it magically gaped open.

I love mutual ass play -- you can get lost in whose doing what to whom. I could feel S. working his fingers into my eager hole as I slid the dildo into his ass. I must have been going too slow for S. taste as he hissed, "deeper and faster." I didn't have to be told twice and I began picking up the pace. I was getting lost in watching S.' s ass lips sucking down the dildo, that I nearly missed the feeling of S.'s hand entering my asshole. "Oh baby," I moaned, "fist that hole of mine." We were both getting into the abuse we were giving each other's holes when his roommate came into the room looking for his pipe.

"Dammit, I've gotten go out and you didn't call me for this," said S. `s roommate. The roommate found the pipe and pocketed it. He then began playing with our cocks. "Shit, I really have to go," he cried. "Let me at least suck your ass before you go," S. said licking his lips. The roommate dropped his pants and sat on S's face. S. lapped at his hole, never missing a beat fisting my ass. So there we were; me, slamming S.' s hole with almost all of the 18" of the rambone, S. twisting his fist in and out of my hole, toying with my second ring and the roommate, beating his meat while S. chewed on his asshole.

The roommate was first to blow. He shot his wad into his palm, jumped off S. face and offered his seed to S. S. licked his hand clean. Seeing that, I shot my load, which S. tried to catch in his mouth. Then S. came with a roar, coating both of us with his cum. His roommate was very helpful and licked us both clean. After that, the roommate pulled up his pants, kissed us both and closed the door as he left the room.