Two Boys!

James is five foot nine. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and 155 pounds of muscle. His arms bulge, his stomach is tight and defined. His chest is well formed and his nipples stick out from his well-defined chest plates. He is completely smooth. There's not a hair on him from his neck down. He shaves himself carefully every day. His cock, an eight-inch tool, is thick and cut with a wide hole at the tip of the broad head. His nuts hang low and sway as he walks. He is nineteen years old.

Peter is much the same as James, but with dark brown hair and green fiery eyes. He has the same smooth body, the same big cock, and the same low-hanging nuts. He believes himself to be older and wiser though, after all, he's twenty.

James is mine. I keep him. Keep him well. I have been away from home though. I've been gone six weeks and I won't be back for another three. My boy is lonely, and needs attention. That's why he's asked Peter to come play with him. What neither boy knows though, is that the room they are about to play in has eyes and ears--my eyes and ears. There are video cameras and microphones covering the whole room.

The boys are oblivious to this. They can only think of the session they are about to undertake. They enter the room and James tells Peter that he needs to be punished for errors in his housekeeping and that he will submit to anything that Peter commands.

Peter tells James to strip, and the younger boy obeys, showing off his soon to be punished body. He turns around and bends over, showing off his tight little butt hole. He shows Peter how he can shove his finger into his smooth hole, working it in and out. He adds a second finger, then a third, probing and opening his tight boy butt.

James watches, almost dispassionately. He chooses a medium-sized butt plug from a nearby shelf, lubes it, and slowly walks up behind James. He runs his hand over the perfect mounds of James's ass. With a quick movement, he shoves the butt plug into the exposed hole. James moans softly.

James asks Peter to strip and play with him. Peter strips to a jock and orders James to the floor. Peter tells his new playmate that he is going to punish his cock and nuts. James sits on the floor and waits. Peter walks around him slowly and then throws down a large silver cock ring. Boy one carefully installs the ring. Next Peter walks over to James with a handful of plastic rods. They range from 1/8th inch to 3/8ths inch thick and all are 10 inches long. Peter orders James to fuck his cock with them.

James takes one of the 1/8th inch rods and starts to play with his cock-hole with it. After teasing his hole for a few moments with the rod he shoves it down his cock. He sits for a moment, staring at his cock. It twitches and bobs as the rod slowly oozes back out of the pouting lips. Slowly, he removes it. Next, he repeats the process with a 1/4 inch rod. The 3/8ths inch rod is next, it doesn't go in easily. His cock swells as the rod is slowly fed through the slit.

After he withdraws the largest rod, James looks up at Peter. Peter hands him another 1/8th inch rod and commands him to slide it back in. Now, add another rod, Peter commands. Shove in more 1/8th inch rods until you can hold no more. Four rods disappear into the hot cock, then five, then six. Stand up! Peter commands. Show off you hot stuffed cock. Hold it high and show off your rods.

James is ordered back to the floor and is allowed to remove the rods from his hot, stiff cock. Peter now hands James a catheter and orders him to shove it into his cock. Down it slides, stretching the skin, opening the cock hole as the inches disappear into the swollen, red cock-head. As it penetrates, James's piss starts to flow and he is ordered to clamp it and inflate the bulb on the end so that it cannot escape.

James is now ready. Peter grabs him, pulls him up standing, and leads him to the center of the room. His arms are extended over his head and stretched out wide. He is secured to rings set in the ceiling. The ropes that hold him are tied around his wrists and hold him taut. Next, Peter spreads James's legs wide and ties them to bolts set in the floor. James can't move. He is spread wide, his ass is butt-plugged and waiting, his tits are ready, and his nuts hang low between his spread thighs.

Peter moves to stand in front of James. He grabs his own cock and shows it to James. He grabs one of the small plastic rods and plays with his cock hole. He teases James with the sight of it. Suddenly, he shoves the full length of the rod down his fat cock. He pushes it down deep until the hole closes over the end of it. Peter continues to work the rod until it's fully embedded, deep in his cock. He lets it soak in him while he reaches up and plays with James's tits.

James squirms against his bonds as Peter twists his hard little tits. Slowly, the rod sneaks out of Peter's cock and Peter removes it and pushes another, larger rod, into himself, again playing with his cock hole before pushing it down. After three rods, Peter stands in front of James and works a catheter into his own boy-cock. He sets it so that it too cannot sneak out. Peter now returns his attention to James. He walks up to James and grabs the big nuts. He pulls them down hard and stretches the sack. Peter puts a parachute harness on James's nuts and adds three pounds of weight. The weight pulls James's nuts down deep in the sack, and James jerks in his bonds. Peter now adds a wide leather ball-stretcher above the parachute harness, further stretching the already stretched out nuts. Each snap sends shivers up James.

James hangs stretched and butt-plugged. A ball stretcher encases his nuts and three pounds of weight pull them down. He tosses his head, wild with the sensation, and then looks at Peter, wondering what could be next. Peter is a long way from being done. He adds a set of chained tit clamps to James's smooth, muscled chest. James breaths in sharply as the tit clamps are set on his hard, dark nipples.

Peter now walks around James, trailing his fingers from the chained tits to the smooth curve of the ass. He grabs the butt plug and pulls it out. He inserts his fingers, two to start. He works on James's hot tight butt hole for a while, then adds a third finger. James squirms in his bonds. The weight on his balls bounces and the chain on his tits rattles softly. Peter is now working four fingers deep into that teenage butt hole. Driving them deep, he spreads the cheeks and stretches the hole. He pulls out his fingers and slowly shoves a dildo up James's waiting butt. The dildo, wide and long, disappears into James, slowly sinking into the hot hole. Peter works the dildo in and out with long, slow strokes. James gets hard again. The end of the catheter dangles lazily from the tip of his erect cock.

After five minutes of dildo fucking Peter shoves a larger black plug into James and moves back around to the front. He hefts James's cock and feels the tube snaking into James. He drains James into a bucket. The piss runs out while Peter brings over a small step ladder. Peter grabs James's catheter, clamps it, and puts a piece of clear tubing into the end. He takes the other end and sticks it into his own catheter. He steps up the ladder and unclamps James's catheter. He does the same to his own and watches the piss flow from himself down into James. James's eyes open wide at the sensation. When the flow stops James clamps both catheters and disconnects them.

Now Peter removes the weights from James's stretched nuts, unfastens the boy from his bonds and lays him face up on a table. Again, James is spread out wide. His arms are tied over his head to the table legs. His knees are bent and his ankles are tied to his thighs with ropes stretching them out wide so Peter can work on his nuts, cock, and ass easily.

The final desecration of James is about to begin. Peter pulls the butt plug out and shoves four fingers hard into James. He works them deeply with plenty of lube. His hand bangs against James's stretched ass skin. Slowly, Peter works his thumb into the hole. Now his hand is moving toward full penetration of James. The hole opens and opens. Peter increases the pressure and James's ass-ring spreads around the wide knuckles of the hand. Suddenly, Peter's hand pops into James's dark chute. The ass twitches and clasps at Peter's embedded hand. James lets out a long sigh.

Peter stands with a rigid cock, a tube running out of it, and his hand deep inside James's ass. He starts to fist James. His pecs and his bicep flex and bulge as he starts to punch his hand into James's ass. He works his hand deeper and deeper. James lays there, dripping sweat, his hard cock standing in the air, his tits aching from the clamps, and his stretched nuts bouncing and pounding. He groans loudly as Peter begins to twist and rotate the buried hand while continuing to work it in and out of the tight ass. Peter grabs the bound nuts with his free hand and squeezes them each time he shoves his fist deep into James's asshole. Peter's arm sinks in past the mid-point of his forearm and James's body snaps tight, straining at his bonds as he endures a spunkless come.

James is fisted for what seems like hours. Finally, Peter pulls his hand free. James's hole slowly closes around a waiting butt plug. Peter removes James's catheter and jerks James's hard as steel, purple-headed cock. James shoots over his head, hitting the wall. Spurt after spurt shoots from James. His cock won't stop contracting. As James lays, spent and bound, Peter stands over him so James can watch his large cock. Peter removes his catheter and jerks his load onto James's softening cock and bound nuts. Peter lets his fire-hose stream of cum drench James. When Peter is done, his final act before letting James free is to grab James's large, bound up nuts and slap them and squeeze them. When he is done, Peter releases the nuts, removes the tit clamps, pulls out the butt plug, and unties his slave friend. James sits up, plays with his cock, plays with Peter's cock, moves down to Peter's low-hanging nuts, grabs them hard, squeezes them and says, "Now your'e mine asshole!!"