Lost And Found!

I don't know what happened. Maybe I've got bad genes or something but I just get so bored that I need to make shit happen. I hate sitting around watching TV or playing those fucking computer games. I want to actually DO something; I need to be physically active.

My little sister said I'm just one of those assholes that has to be the center of everyone's attention. I don't know, maybe she was right; I am sort of the class clown. I think I do it to divert attention not get attention though. If I'm making a smart-ass comment then people are laughing about what I said or did not what I'm thinking or feeling.

When I was a kid, I don't know, about fourteen or fifteen, my older brother ran away. That night he and my parents had a huge screaming match then he just took off. He never came home and my parents never really seemed to care. So I learned to keep my mouth shut. Especially since I've always known I was gay.

My being the wild child sort of carried over to my sex life too. I like trying anything and everything. I gave my first blowjob when I was thirteen- to my brother's best friend, Mike. He had a nice cock for a kid and I remember he was really hairy, even at that age. That's probably why I like hairy guys now. I gave Mike a final blowjob the day of his prom, he said he didn't want to rape his girlfriend so would I take the edge off... What a shit-head. Now he's married with kids and is one of those guys at the gym that beats off in the steam room.

Anyway, I sort of got into some extreme shit with my sex life. I've done everything from sucking cocks in the bathroom at the mall to getting pissed on by ugly drunks while being fist fucked at the bar. (I was really drunk -- and sore for three weeks after!) But that's how I meet George.

George made me look like a choirboy. George was a huge, grizzly bear. And I'm talking grizzly like gross. He was really tall and had a face like a fucking catfish. He was all scarred up from what must have been the world's worst case of acne and had a nose the size and shape of a fucking potato. He was really hairy but would shave his pubes. What the Hell's the point of that? If somebody can get past that face and the way he smelled, they're not going to be bothered by a few pubes, right?

Well George was hung like a chipmunk. I guess that's why he liked fisting; he had huge hands. His fat ass made it impossible to fuck him and his dick wasn't long enough to reach out far enough for him to fuck anybody so what was left? Well, for a while I was really into it (when I was REALLY drunk) so I actually went home with this motherfucker. Turns out to be the best day of my life.

Hold on now. George, it seemed had a lover. Well the guy was into being a sex slave. He wore a leather mask, spiked collar, chest straps, the whole works. He was chained up in the basement. At first, I was all weirded out but then I sort of got into it. This guy's leather hood didn't have any eye openings so he never saw George's ugly face.

The basement was a first class S & M den. There was shit in that place I didn't EVEN want to know about. Now I kept myself in pretty good shape but George's lover was hot; I mean really hot. Even though the guy was hairy you could see the eight, not six-pack abs and he had the kind of ass I would love to sink my teeth into -- and then my cock.

Well after a couple (more) drinks ol' George starts throwing the orders around. He told me to slap his lovers' ass. Pinch his lovers' tits. Suck his lovers cock -- a nice fat, long one. It would rate up there among the top ten of the best-looking cocks I'd ever had. His lover was sort of nervous I think: it seemed like even my expert tongue was having trouble getting him hard. Or maybe that's how they always played it for their `guests.' Hell, I didn't know, for all I knew he'd just finished with someone else and was all spermed out.

Nobody can resist my mouth for long. (What can I say; it's the only talent I have!) I got that fucker's whole cock down my throat, sliding my tongue around his big hairy balls, squeezing my hands on his rock hard ass. At first I just did what George told me to do. But the guy's body was gorgeous and both of us really seemed to be getting into each other (pardon the expression) and I felt like I went from just having sex to, well, I don't know, making love I guess.

I was aware of Ugly George barking orders, feeling him piss on us, and every now and then, a slap on the ass or something. But in spite of that, I was really getting into how this guy worked. His muscular body was perfect. Standing behind him, I was tall enough to fuck him or when he was in the hanging sling, I could plow my cock into his ass and still be able to suck his delicious cock. His nipples would get so hard they looked like they would explode.

And then I surprised myself. I wanted the slave to fuck me. I wanted to feel that fat erection slip into my ass. All I could think about was how it would feel when his fat dick pumped it's cum into me, filling me up. We managed to trade places, now I was in the sling and he was about to shove that cock up my ass. I was ready for that second of pain when he would just plow in, full force, all the way up to the hilt.

He didn't. He gently rubbed his cock head around on my asshole, smearing his precum. The man had gallons of that shit dripping out of him -- fuck that made me hot! Then he slipped just his big cock-head into me and stopped. He didn't move. Shit! I was already so fucking horny that I tried to pull him into me but he wouldn't let me. He pushed the sling a little so that his cock-head popped out of my ass.

Then I swung back toward him. His cock slipped into me again, but he stopped again, damn it. Another push away and a swing back and his perfect erection poked deeper into me. So that was his game; he was going to tease the Hell out of me. I LOVED it! Every time I swung back in his direction his big juicy, dripping cock was aimed perfectly. Each time he would dive into me a little deeper than the last time. I was SO loving that!

I was just getting into the rhythm of it when, as I swung toward him, he grabbed my thighs with his huge vice-grip hands and slammed his pole up my ass. I didn't expect that, he'd been so slow and gentle. It caught me off guard and I nearly passed out. I think I screamed but I didn't recognize my own voice. But the guy was ruthless. He swung that fucking swing again and again each time plowing that Goddamn telephone pole up my ass.

I couldn't take it. I was panting, sweating and begging for mercy -- for real. Then I got one more really good slam and he stopped. I don't know which was better the pain of him pulling out or of him being so deep inside. My brain was numb. My ass was numb. My erection was gone. I was seeing stars and Ugly George was laughing while he played with his little peepee.

God I was exhausted. This guy was even too much for me -- and that was saying something! What the fuck was a gorgeous muscleman like him doing with Ugly George? I was beginning to wonder if Ugly George would rent him out to me. Geeze what a workout I was getting.

Like a wave of warm water his mouth enveloped my sweaty cock. Almost at once I could feel myself getting an erection as his tongue poked into my piss slit and slid around my cock-head. His talented mouth on my cock and balls eased the pain in my ass. He sucked my balls as he slipped his tongue between my legs. I definitely would pay any amount of rent George asked.

My brain exploded as he pulled his cock part way out of my tingling ass. My eyes rolled back into my head as he pushed into me but continued to suck my cock. Holy shit. It didn't take long before I was ready to spew. He could tell too. He would ease up on my cock but keep fucking me.

I was settling down and SO wanted it to continue but I wanted to cum too! I was a mess. I didn't know what I wanted. Then he kissed me and I knew exactly what I wanted. Oh man, what a mouth! That telephone pole erection slipping in and out of me, the feel of a perfect, hairy muscleman's sweaty body, the smells, the taste of him, the rocking of the sling, it all overwhelmed me and that had never happened before.

I was not really aware of it at the time but I think while he was fucking me and kissing me at the same time - I fell in love. It was WAY more than lust. I'd never had that `in-the-right-place' feeling before. I'd been fucked by a lot of bodybuilders before and I fucked a lot of them too but I'd never felt like this with a guy before. I was relaxed in a way I can't describe. Even though my body was building up to a Mount Saint Helen's ejaculation.

I could feel his cock expand even more as he got ready to pump his cum into my guts. He sucked my cock and pumped in and out, getting us both ready to cum. At last he made just a tiny little whimper and we both started shooting cum into each other. I felt every spasm of his cock as it emptied into me and his mouth just kept sucking more cum out of mine. I just kept spewing and squirting until he sort of choked and sprayed me with my own cum.

His cock felt like nothing I'd ever felt. It felt like it was ten times the size of Ugly George's arm. I couldn't believe I kept cumming like that! And his cock seemed to keep growing. I couldn't catch my breath. The smells, the feelings, the pain, the joy, desire, heat, stars; I passed out.

I woke up on Ugly George's basement floor. Everything hurt, especially my ass. My whole body felt like it had been abused. My head was thumping, and my asshole felt like it had been a public parking garage. My legs were wobbly and the arm I had been laying on was dead, it was so asleep it didn't even tingle.

Ugly George was gone. His lover was sleeping in the sling. The place stunk and so did I. I was covered with piss, booze, sweat, shit, cum and who knows what the fuck else. How can all of that be so fun before an orgasm and so disgusting after? I couldn't find my clothes and I just wanted to get the Hell out of there.

In the corner of the room was a shower spigot mounted high on the wall; no shower stall or curtain, just a spigot coming threw the block wall; I didn't give a shit, I used it. I'm a lefty but had to use my right hand to turn on the water since my left arm was asleep: useless. The shock of cold water nearly killed me, but warm water soon flowed freely over me. I just stood there, my eyes closed letting the dead shit rinse off of my body while hoping life would return.

I heard chains rustling. Ugly George's lover was still wearing the leather mask and collar. I told him I wouldn't survive another sex session with him but he didn't say anything. He walked over to me, dragging those damn chains and just started washing me off. How could he tell where he was going?

His touch was so gentle. He washed my hair, careful not to let the soap get into my (bloodshot) eyes. He rubbed the bar of soap over my body, making sure he cleaned every inch of me. EVERY inch. I couldn't believe it, but I got an erection. After what I'd just gone threw? What a slut!

He sucked my cock, sweetly, gently, caressing my hairy ass. It felt good and before I knew it I was ready to cum again. He sensed it, cupping my balls in his hands. I had to hold onto the wall so my knees wouldn't buckle. It was like I unleashed months of saved up sperm. I'm a good cummer but I've never cum THAT much before. (It's funny how the amount of jizz you spray can be affected by how into the situation you get.) Anyway, it drained any remaining energy I had left.

I just leaned against the cold cement block wall as he kissed me. I knew he was jerking off but I couldn't even care. Once again, he let out a tiny little whimper just before I felt several squirts of cum on my belly. He cleaned us both off before pulling some towels down from a shelf and drying me off. His touch was very comfortable and comforting, such sexy hands. I was getting jealous of Ugly George, how the fuck could he find a lover like this and I couldn't?

I stumbled around finding my clothes while George's lover moved around the space as if he could see right through his leather hood. It started to bother me that he didn't speak and left his hood and chains on. But it didn't bother me at all that he was naked. What a beautiful body. It made me decide to workout harder at the gym.

Ugly George appeared from around a corner, dressed and clean. He smiled saying that it might be nice to wake up every morning to a pair or naked beauties. I told him that I'm not into chains on a permanent basis as I grimaced getting into my dirty, wet clothes. Giving up on finding my second shoe, I told George and his lover that I had fun but it was time to jet.

We were walking up the stairs as Ugly George grunted. I thought he was just grunting with effort to get his fat ass up out of the basement, but he made some weird noises that made me turn around. George was clearly not well, his ugly face was white and his eyes were watering. I helped him stumble to the bottom of the stairs and ran back upstairs to call 911.

I went down stairs again, telling his lover that George has had a heart attack or something so take that fucking mask off and get dressed before the paramedics get here. It was then that his lover spoke words for the first time. He said he couldn't leave the room; he didn't have the key to his collar.

Sex games are fine, but that was going to far. I told him that his goddamn lover was dying and paramedics were going to show up to see a naked man chained up in a basement sex shop. The guy yells back that he really IS just some guy chained up in George's basement.

I panicked. There was no way I could get Ugly George's 400 pound carcass up the steps, I had no idea where the key was for the guy's collar, police sirens were already getting louder, I was in a strangers house, with some naked asshole, AND I was SO late for work! My ass was dead meat -- in more ways than one.

Oh God I thought, I can hear my Dad when he came to bail me out of jail, IF he came to bail me out of jail... The police showed up, I lead them to George, the naked guy, standing there with his damn chains, the cops were trying to revive George, the paramedics finally showed up, everybody had a radio on, talking to their office, people kept looking at the naked guy, then me, then George...

What a fucking nightmare. George died, the bastard. They couldn't revive him. Eventually everybody went back up stairs after they hefted Ugly George out. The naked guy was left behind. Upstairs, I had to give my name, address, and an explanation for what happened. Another cop had been rummaging around for a lock cutter or something so he could set the naked guy free.

Both cops and the paramedics had all tried to help George but you could see them snicker when they looked around the basement. How embarrassing! When the cop and the naked guy came up out of the basement the naked guy was still wearing that fucking leather hood but at least he had a towel. The cop that had been talking to me sort of pushed us out of the house telling us "girls" to go home and find the keys to my "girlfriend's" locks. Fuck you, asshole.

I'm glad I didn't live in Ugly George's neighborhood. What a sight, a dead man carried out, one guy in a towel and the other almost fully dressed -- in clothes that were covered with piss and booze. I will NEVER go back to that area. And what should I do with the naked guy? My evil self had wanted him for my own slave and now, well, I had him!

I live in an apartment. I wasn't going to walk a hooded naked guy through my lobby. So I thought I'd just take him to his house and let him figure out what the fuck he was going to do on his own, I didn't give a shit if he got into his own house or not at that point. Yah, I asked him where he lived. He said there, with George. So I started yelling at him. What was that shit about being chained up in the basement and not finding the key? What the fuck is wrong with him? I'm going to shove him out into the street and piss on him.

He started crying! Well, I think he did, it was hard to tell with that stupid fucking hood on his head. So being the charmer that I am, I grabbed his pony tail, right where it came out of the hood and started shaking him, screaming at him that he'd better tell me what the fuck I'm supposed to do with him or I'll just shove him out of the car and he can wander the streets or get hit by a truck for all I cared.

The guy was really sobbing, his hands up in the air. He said that he really was George's slave; that George had picked him up at a bar and took him home!

What the fuck? I hurt from head to toe, inside and out, I was going to lose my Goddamn job, and then I get stuck with this? Then my little pea-brain started thinking dark thoughts. Okay, the guy is used to being a slave. So why not make him mine? How do I do it (in my apartment with it's paper-thin walls) so he doesn't attract attention?

Fine. I told him we'd just go to my house and get this shit figured out somehow. No, I did not walk him through my apartment building in a towel. I ran inside, got some clothes, he got into them and I threw the towel over his head like a prizefighter.

Jesus, what a mess. Once we got into my apartment, I steered him over to the sofa and shoved him down. I actually own a lock cutter; a remnant from my more wild days... So I snapped the locks off this dope and we both started ripping his mask off.

We sat there looking at each other. We sat there looking at each other for a long time. We sat there looking at each other for a VERY long time before we both got wigged out -- big time.

We both knew it immediately. My brother hadn't run away. George locked him away.

Time has passed since that day. Finding out that your brother is the best sex partner you've ever had is a bit weird. But we've adjusted. Talk about brotherly love! We've decided to live together and nobody thinks anything of the fact that we hang out together all the time. After all, we have fifteen years to make up for...