Fisted By My Boyfriend!

My boyfriend Jarod and I have been together for almost seven years. After all that time, I guess you could say that our sex life has become fairly predictable. Not that we have a bad sex life, mind you - just predictable.

It usually starts on a weekend morning with a little "under the covers" cock play that leads to kissing. Then our clothes come off, and he starts to suck me (or I start to suck him). After about ten minutes of trading blowjobs, the lube bottle comes out of the bedside table. He lubes his cock, and then squeezes some onto his fingers. He rubs it around my hole, and inserts one lubed finger. He lifts my legs, and slides his 7.5" cock into me. He usually fucks me for about fifteen minutes before shooting his load deep in my ass.

All in all, were pretty compatible. Hes a top, Im a bottom, and we both enjoy our roles. Even though I complain somewhat about the predictability, within ten seconds of him entering me, my hips are thrusting against him, and Im begging him to "fuck me with that big cock." After all this time I still thoroughly enjoy being his bottom, and Im pretty sure he feels the same way.

Lately, however, my thoughts and fantasies have been turning away from the vanilla activities to which Ive become accustomed. Specifically, the idea of extreme ass play has really intrigued me. Ive found several web sites devoted to toy play and fisting that really get me hot. Masturbating to these sites I usually blow my load in less than a minute. The idea of being fisted gets me more turned on than I ever thought it could.

Unfortunately, this wasnt something I felt I could discuss with Jarod. He and I had never discussed the kinkier side of sex, and he never gave any indication that he was interested in doing anything other than our tried and true methods. I figured that this new kinkier side of myself would be left to only masturbatory fantasies. Or, so I thought - until last Sunday morning.

That mornings session began just like the hundreds before it. After the opening blowjobs, he slipped his lube-coated finger into my hole and withdrew it. As he lifted my legs, I closed my eyes and waited for the familiar feel of his dick entering me. However, he made no move to fuck me, but instead inserted a second finger. I opened my eyes to look at him; his gaze met mine and he smiled. I felt a third finger enter me.

"Jarod," I said. "What are you doing?"

"After those web sites, Id think youd know exactly what I was doing," he whispered.

I feigned ignorance, but knew my secret fantasy had been exposed. "I was just curious," I explained. "I dont really want to..." He cut me off with a kiss.

"Yes," he said. "I think you really do want to. And whats more, Ive been fantasizing about this for years."

A fourth finger entered me. I let out a soft moan. I looked down at this cock. He was as hard as he could possibly be, and he was literally dripping precum. After seven years of having sex with this man I had never seen him (or anyone really) drip that much precum.

His fingers began to move within me - stretching my hole and entering me deeper. His fingers brushed against my prostate, and I nearly shot my load right then. My stomach was slick with my own precum, and it was running down my sides. (Until that moment I hadnt realized that I was dripping as much as Jarod.)

Jarod continued to explore my ass for nearly an hour, prodding his fingers and hand within me. All five fingers were in me up to his knuckles, but I couldnt seem to take him past the wide part of his hand.

"Jarod," I said, somewhat disappointed in myself. "I dont think Ill be able to do this after all."

"Shhhh," he whispered gently. "Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about how much you want this." As I inhaled, I felt him push harder, and his entire hand entered me.

I read one time that a guy said being fisted was like a religious experience. I have to agree that is the best way to describe it. The feeling was incredible; I had never felt anything quite so pleasurable. Time seemed to stop, and it felt like there was nothing in the world but my hole and my lovers hand deep within me. I started to cum uncontrollably; shooting semen all over my chest and face. Jarod started to shoot as well, our cum blending into what seemed like a gallon of thick hot liquid. Neither one of us had even touched our dicks.

After we had cleaned up, I kissed him. "Thanks for the hottest experience of my life," I said.

"Oh, dont think thats going to be the last time," he said smiling. "Plus, just wait until you see some of toys that are coming in the mail!"