Yesterday was a great day for me. In the past, several guys have played around with my asshole. Of course, I have been fucked by many big cocks, dildos and fingers. Most guys I meet seem more interested in me sucking them and them fucking my boyhole than in serious ass play though. I didn't realize until yesterday how wonderful it is to be the object of a truly awesome fisting.

In the past, guys would finger me with three or four fingers; sometimes they would push it so that they were almost fisting me. I guess they didn't really force it and maybe I wasn't relaxed enough to really take it. I was in a rare, completely fun and relaxed mood yesterday when my new GOD arrived.

We had chatted online for a pretty short time. He explained that he was a dominant top and asked me what I was looking for. I replied, "I am your property. You own my holes and my only limits are that I don't want to have any physical, financial or emotional damage." He told me I was a good boy and to give him the address. He instructed me to be naked and to have all of my toys out for him to play with. I jumped in the shower, cleaned my boyhole and got everything ready for this hot master.

I didn't really expect all that much from this guy other than a seriously hot attitude. His profile said he was 5'10, in good shape and 32. When we had spoken he told me he had fucked pussy last night, which was a huge turn-on. He explained to me that he had three steady girlfriends and they all served him in various ways, including rimming him, eating his load and getting fucked up the ass. He told me he was a bit of a player.

When this guy arrived, I answered the door naked. He walked in and followed me to the bedroom. I got up on the bed and on my knees and that was the last time I really had any say in the matter. He cuffed me, and had me bend over facing the wall. The next fifteen or so minutes were filled with him playing with my balls. At first, it was very pleasant and even sweet. He lightly caressed my balls in a way that no has in years. This became more and more intense until he actually started squeezing and pinching my balls and ball sack. The pinching intensified to the point that I was letting out little squeals. Oddly enough, I don't talk or make much noise during sex usually, so its pretty intense when a man causes me to vocalize. He started slapping my balls rather hard and unmercifully soon after. It was a strange combination of pain and pleasure and I loved it.

One thing I probably should tell you about was what a fuckin Godly stud this man was. He was 5'10, and probably 160 pounds of very tight, sexy muscle. It was a hot beautiful body but more significantly the man had an actor or a model's face. You could tell he had a great smile which he hid from me like a good dom top. Every once in a while a dimple would escape and I would sigh with the pleasure that this God top was spending time with a whore like me.

The CBT continued for quite some time. I trusted this intense, scary super-hot man to no end and that made the scene all the more fuckin awesome. It was difficult to move around in the cuffs but my master didn't seem to mind. I don't think we had exchanged one word yet at this point. He moved me around so that my mouth was on his nipples. He had me lick them as he played with my little titties. He really knew how to touch a guy to make him feel good.

He pulled a sizeable cock out of his tight blue jeans and started jerking it a bit. He knew my mouth would rush down to start sucking, but he only let me lick the head, before he put his cock back in. It looked like a gorgeous tool and he knew I would work my ass off to get some more of it in my mouth.

After some more tittie playing and CBT, my master started playing around with various butt plugs, dildos and vibrators. They didn't seem to interest him much but I guess he was trying to open my hole up for the grand prize.

He poured a generous amount of lube all over my ass. There was no concern to the fact that lube was dripping out all over me and my bed. I guess that's a good thing cause I hear lots of lube is needed to really open up a hole, especially a real tight boyhole that has never taken a fist before.

This superhot stud gave me my poppers and started some serious fingering of my hole. Even his few fingers had a new, sexier sensation than most guys. This was primarily cause he was so damn hot, but the fact that he knew his way around a boyhole helped. He seemed to take pride in giving my hole the exact kind of pleasure it hungrily was seeking.

The fingering got more and more intense as I continued feeding on the delicious poppers. He was really spreading my ass apart and starting to really grove his fingers in there. I was in heaven. I pushed my ass out and hoped for him to probe in even deeper. He took my body and made it his own. His fingers and hand started to go into my ass in places I never knew existed. He was filling up my hole like no one else had before.

At some point we crossed over from fingering to fisting, and I really can't describe it other than it was the first time I really felt like the center of attention in a sex scene. I felt like my master was there to give ME pleasure. All he seemed concerned with was making me the object of his entire affection and attention. It was a place of extreme bliss for me.

The grooving action of his fist in my hole was amazing. I didn't even realize it but cum was dripping out of my little boy cock. I was on another planet. This proceeded for the next 20 minutes or so until he slowly removed his hand from my stretched out hole.

He re-cuffed me to the window frame and told me he was gonna whip my ass and shoot all over me. He took out some kind of a whip (I wasn't looking) and proceeded to beat my ass. I was screaming in pain and kinda loving it. He told me he wouldn't stop till I cried. For whatever reason, I had a hard time accessing those emotions. I could scream but I couldn't cry. I wished I could, but maybe I didn't really want him to stop. Eventually my screams gave way to a sorta cry, which was really more like a wail. He started shooting a vast, amazing load all over my head, face, and back. It actually seemed like he was gonna cum forever. I was completely wet by the time he was done.

We had a nice, civil conversation for a few minutes in which we discovered I was a jew and he was German. There was an awkward pause when we talked about that, cause we obviously were both intrigued by playing out some weird German-Jew fantasy. Ick, but yum!

Anyway, he left me soon after and told me I would see him again. Later in the afternoon, when my butt was all black and blue and totally sore, I could only hope he would return real soon to do it to me again.