Anal Obsession!

Almost everyone in Sydney had slept, except some people who worked during the night shift. One of them was Rick. Using his flashlight, Rick was patrolling around the mall. As a security guard, that white man was paid to watch over the mall where he worked at. The watch on his hand pointed out that it was nearly 1 AM in the morning. Yawning, Rick started to get bored. The sounds of his boot steps echoed through the mall. Even his breath could be heard clearly. Stopping in front of a fashion store, Rick found himself staring at a mirror in that store. For some minutes, he just stood there and admired himself. Rick liked seeing himself in his security uniform; he looked very manly. Flashing his body, Rick saw how handsome he was in that white uniform. Uncomfortably, he was pulling at the collar. His neck had been bathing in steady stream of sweat. In fact, his uniform was soaked with sweat. Since the air conditioner was turned off, the temperature in the mall rose up. Hurriedly, the 30-year-old security guard unbuttoned his uniform. One by one, the buttons were undone. Hanging open, the shirt revealed a sweaty sexy chest.

As a security officer, he had undergone tough physical training. Thus, his body was shaped up pretty well. Some fat managed to infiltrate his body, hanging in his chest and stomach, but Rick had not lost his sexiness. The narrow valley between the mounds of his chest was streaked with sweat. With his hand, Rick wiped off the traces of sweat. Wanting to get more comfortable, that security guard decided to take off his wet shirt. As the shirt fell to the floor, he breathed relievedly. Feeling much better, Rick glanced at the mirror. He saw himself standing bare-chested. The flashlight shone upon his sweaty body, creating artistic lighting. The shadow revealed the contour of his body more clearly. Flexing his muscles, he was proud of his body.

One hand began unsnapping his trouser. The dampness in his trousers was unbearable as sweat had wetted his crotch, too. After unzipping them, he shacked the trousers off. Stepping out of them, Rick had nothing on except his damp white briefs. His body was glistening with sweat, as he was literally in heat. The almost-naked white body of his looked very arousing. Seeing his own body in the mirror excited Rick. Slowly, his cock came to life as blood was pumped into its vein. A big bulge was formed inside his briefs, cramping them. Moaning, Rick grabbed his own package and started squeezing it. Pleasure coursed down his body as his fingers adeptly massaged the enlarged cock head through the dampened fabric. Unaware of his surroundings, Rick was deep in his self-stimulation. He even got braver as he slipped down his damp briefs, exposing his hard-on. The naked security guard admired his naked body, reflected on the mirror. His lewd groans echoed through the building. Skillfully, his hand manipulated his throbbing hard cock. "Oh yeah. It feels so good. Oh!"

Not far from where Rick stood, there was a dark figure sneaked around. A thief had infiltrated the mall! He was in black; his clothes were worn out. From his physical appearance, it seemed that he kept himself in good shape. He was still young, too; he was a guy in his early 20s. Not wearing any mask, his handsome face was exposed. Rick's pleasurable groans reached his ears. Curiously, he crept to the sound source. "Oh shit. There's a naked man jacking off," he gasped to himself. Like eagle's, his eyes quickly detected security guard uniform on the floor. Instinctively, that thief wanted to back away, for he did not want to mess with a guard. But seeing how perverted the guard was, the thief changed his plan. "He's got me really horny. Shit, now I'm hard, too." Reaching down, he touched a tent in his trousers. From his hiding place, that thief could see Rick's naked body. Enjoying the erotic view, the thief continued squeezing his hard-on.

Precum was exuded out of Rick's hard cock. The pearly liquid was soon rubbed off, smearing the cut cock. His callused palm rubbed itself against the sensitive cock head. Groans continued to echo as Rick drowned himself in his private jacking off session. The sight of his own naked body excited him very much. Needless to say, Rick was a full-timer homosexual man. His mind wandered to the time when he joined the academy for security guards. His seniors, one by one, raped his virgin ass, thus they converted him into homosexuality. But the memory of the time when he was still in academy lived on in his mind. And it was such a truly horny memory for him. Touching his own naked body, Rick closed his eyes and imagined that he was being touched by his seniors. To make it more real, he pretended he could hear his seniors taunting him as they forced him to bend down. "Oh, don't fuck my ass, seniors. Please leave my ass alone," he silently gasped, carried away in his dirty fantasy. He was reliving his experience. Bending his body over, Rick took a nightstick from his trousers. Without any hesitation, he brought the blunt edge of that stick to his twitching ass hole. "Ah!" He started groaning when he applied pressure to the stick.

"What a pervert," the thief gasped as he saw the live sex show. "He's homo. He fucked his own ass with a nightstick. Man, he surely makes my cock hard. Oh, shit!" Massaging his bulge, he tried to repositioned his erect cock. But his cock had a mind of its own, cramping the trousers. Moreover, it began to leak out slippery liquid. "Oh, I'd better pull it out and start to jack off," he finally decided. Unsnapping the trousers, he hurried slid the trousers down. The throbbing member of his sprung out. No precum was oozed out yet. The cock head was still dry and sensitive to the touch. Spitting silently, the thief applied a handsome amount of spit on the cock head. "Oh yeah, fuck yourself. Entertain me," he whispered, starting to jerk his cock off. To ease himself, that thief knelt down.

The show continued as Rick managed to push the baton into his clenched ass hole. Wincing in pain, he groaned as he forced the blunt object to penetrate his hole without any lube. The friction caused some minor cuts around the lips. "Ah, it hurts. Your cock is too big. Take it out," he whispered, pretending he was getting raped. His ass was burning with pain but Rick still forced the nightstick in. Sliding in with great difficulty, the baton was finally in his ass. But Rick only succeeded to poke in about a fourth of it. He then began the fucking rhythm, but it was not easy. The absence of lube made it very hard to pull out and push in the stick, thus it only added more wounds to his ass. "Oh, fuck! I'm getting fucked. Oh yes! Do my ass. Give me your cock, ah! Treat me like your slut, oh yes!"

Precum started to wet the thief's cock head. A globule of precum oozed out. "I'm precumming. That security guard is so hot," the thief thought, fixing his eyes on him. "Yeah, I can see that he almost cums. Man, look at his big dick. It's throbbing with desire. And precum was dripping all over the floor." Actually, that thief was straight. But as a horny man, he could not help himself when he saw another man enjoying himself sexually. "Oh, I bet he feels so good. It seems that he's got an anal obsession. Pervert guard," he gasped as he kept watching Rick.

One of Rick's hands reached the store's glass display to support his body. Opening his eyes, he saw how sluttish he was in the mirror. A naked macho security guard bent over, wincing in pain, as a nightstick entered his ass in and out. That sight was so arousing and sexy. Even Rick himself could not resist it. "Ah, yeah, fuck me. Fuck my ass." Rick's sexual fantasy was so real to him that he soon reached his climax. "Oh! I'm cumming. Yes, I'm cumming. Shit!" Rick screamed in ecstasy as his cum was shot out. Spurts after spurts of thick warm man juice splashed against the window display. That guard's body shuddered in great orgasm, his knees buckling. Shakily, his other hand still fucked his hole with the stick. Groaning, that guard milked his pulsating cock. The cum shot was weakened and turned into cum dribble. On the floor was a cum pool, dripping from Rick's cock. He continued to groan as he abandoned himself to him horny fantasy. When it was over, Rick sighed with great satisfaction. Moaning, he pulled the nightstick out of his swollen ass. For a moment, he just stood there, leaning forward against the window display. His chest was heaving up and down, sweating profusely. Squatting down, Rick ran his tongue on the window display and licked off his own cum. He seemed enjoyed it very much.

"That man is unbelievable. He cummed! Damn, he makes me horny," the thief whispered, looking down at his cock. The meat was throbbing wildly, demanding for its right to cum. Stroking his cock several times, the thief planned on how to get the guard for himself. He had never fucked a man before. Therefore, he would like to try it. Silently, he sneaked behind Rick. Ever so slowly, he stepped forward. Rick did not realize that a man was behind him. He was still busily licking his cum on the glass. "Gotcha," the thief yelled as he delivered a hard blow on Rick's neck. Instantly, the macho security guard fainted! His naked body fell to the floor.


Minutes later... "Oh, my head. Where am I?" Rick finally came to, groaning in pain. His whole body was aching. Severe dizziness attacked his head. But soon he realized that he was still stark naked. When he tried to move his hands, he found himself being tied. Both of his hands were tied to his back. The same thing happened to his legs. Lying on the puddle of his own cum, Rick was very vulnerable to the real rape. Lying on his body side, he saw a pair of bare feet in front of him. Those legs were covered in thick hair, looking very manly. Bending his neck, Rick tried to get a better view of who the man was. Shocked, Rick found that man was as naked as Rick was. A hard-on was throbbing over his head, occasionally dripping precum. "Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Untie me."

Seeing that his victim had come to, the thief knelt down. Whispering in Rick's ear, he said, "Don't play saint with me. I know you're a faggot. You don't need fantasy to make yourself cum. I'm here. And I will make your dirty fantasy come true." To emphasize that he was not joking, he rubbed Rick's erect nipples and twisted them both as hard as he could. The handsome guard instantly cried out in pain. His body bucked wildly as his nipples were quite sensitive. "Let's see, how should I start it?" Squatting in front of the helpless guard, that thief ran his callused palms all over Rick's naked body. His hard throbbing cock hovered on Rick's face. Once in a while, it would make brief contact with Rick's lips, leaving precum stains. "Oh yeah, you sure have a nice body. It's muscular, athletic, and hard," the thief commented, feeling up Rick's body. Leaning forward, he reached for Rick's swollen ass. Inevitably, his cock was thrust against Rick's lips.

Rick did not know what possessed him, but he could not resist opening his mouth and let that cock in. That hard cock buried itself deep in Rick's wet mouth. Upon feeling that he was being sucked, the thief moaned out in pleasure. Hearing those groans spurred Rick to suck even harder. He was motivated to make that thief cum in his mouth. It had been so long since he had a cock in his mouth. Rick missed the taste of man cum. Pursing his lips, that guard exhorted all his sucking skill. Loud slurping sound echoed, mixing with the thief's ecstatic whimpers. With his tongue, Rick licked off the cock head clean. He gulped down the precum coating and savored its taste. Rick's naked body tingled with excitement as he missed tasting man's precum. Wanting to get more, he sucked harder.

"Oh yeah, suck my cock, you faggot. You like man's cock, oh. Yes, suck me. Make me cum in your mouth. Oh yes!" the thief groaned, reaching for Rick's ass. A closer look revealed that Rick's ass lips were puffy and wounded. Small cuts had injured them as the result of the rough penetration he did to himself. Curiously, the thief rubbed the swollen ass lips with his index finger. As soon as he touched the ass, Rick groaned out in pain. Rick's voice vibrated through the thief's hard cock, adding more stimulation. Thus, both of them whimpered in delight. "Shit! That homo really knows how to pleasure other man, and himself. What an ass. He did this to himself," he said to himself. Roughly, the thief inserted his finger into the battered ass. It of course sent Rick screaming, for his ass still hurt. "Yeah, scream for me, you faggot. No one can hear you coz the mall is closed and you're guarding it by yourself. I can rape you and no one can stop me." Lying on top of Rick's naked body, the thief comfortable thrust his hips into Rick's mouth, while he played with Rick's ass.

Rick was not stupid. He could guess who that naked man was. But he longed to get raped by other men. Therefore, he did not mind being violated by the thief. Moaning out muffled screams, Rick enjoyed the rape. It reminded me of his rough year in the training academy for security guards. His body shuddered as waves of pain, radiating from his swollen ass, washed him up. Being tied up, he was helpless to control the fucking rhythm. The thief's cock bored his mouth mercilessly, sometimes gagging him. Rick's saliva was already mixed with a handsome amount of precum discharged from the cock head. Rick's own cock, lying on the cold floor, was throbbing hard. A stream of precum flowed out of his cock hole, pooling up on the floor.

"Suck my cock, homo. Yeah, suck me," the thief encouraged the security guard. Suddenly, he could sense that he was near his orgasm. After spending some minutes watching the live masturbation show, that thief had already collected his cum and had been ready to shoot. Getting oral sex from a guy clearly excited him so much, beyond words, and he was more than ready to ejaculate. "Oh, I'm gonna cum. Shit!" Backing away, the thief used his might to roll Rick's body. The security guard then lied on his back, supported by his tied hands. Rick's leaking cock was throbbing right under the thief's neck, begging to get sucked. "Here I cum. Drink my cum. Take it all. Gulp it down. Take my cum, oh! Yes, take it! Oh, yeah!" Sinking his cock deep into the guard's mouth, the thief ejaculated. Whimpering, he shuddered as his cock released shots of thick man cream down Rick's throat. Gladly, the guard drank the cum hungrily. Some managed to slip out and smeared his lips. Grunting like a bull, the thief did push-up movement, drilling his cock into Rick's mouth. His cum flowed out incessantly, as if it would never stop. But of course in the end, it did stop. Sighing relievedly, the thief pulled out his cock. Using his hand, he milked out the last drop of his cum. "Oh, yeah. You're a great cocksucker," he commented. After wiping his cock on Rick's chin, he got up. Looking down on Rick's trussed up body, he sneered, "Wanna get fucked, too?"

"Yes, please fuck me, rape my body. Use me. Fuck me, please," Rick begged. Not thinking clearly, all he wanted was sex. And that was his only chance to relive his rape experience. "Rape me, please. I want it." The guard's eyes shone with lust. Moaning, he desperately wanted to take his cock and stroked it but he could not. "Fuck my ass, please," he asked again, begging earnestly.

"I'm gonna rape you. Oh yes, you'll scream for my mercy." Laughing mockingly at the perverted security guard, the thief came up with a perverted idea. Kneeling next to Rick, he rolled the body around. Breathing heavily, the guard got very excited as he was laid down on his stomach. His throbbing cock was pressed against the cold floor, leaking precum liquid. Rick's ass was vulnerably exposed. Giving the butt a few hard slaps, the thief announced, "I'm gonna rape your ass, homo. I'll make you scream in pain." Using two fingers, the thief shoved them into Rick's battered ass. The guard screamed out as his ass was torn apart. "Yeah, keep screaming. let me hear it. Oh, yeah. You're turned on, huh? What a pervert." Intending to humiliate the guard, that thief spat on his hole. The spit soon seeped into the puffy lips, serving as lube. "Do you like it, huh? I'm fucking you with my fingers. Wanna more?" he asked, observing Rick's reaction.

"Ah, it hurts. Yes, fuck my ass. Open it up. Oh yes, do whatever you want with my ass. It's yours," Rick groaned, burying his face in his elbow. During his training in the academy, Rick received many anal rape from his seniors. Thus, it explained why he was so addicted with ass rape. the more he was hurt anally, the more excited he became. "Fuck my ass with your fingers. Oh, yes!" Writhing like a worm, Rick absorbed the sensation. The movement of his body indirectly massaged his cock head, stroking it to orgasm.

"You wanna more, huh. Take this," the thief commented. Mercilessly, he slipped in the third finger in. It was not easy, but he managed to cramp it in. "How does it feel now, homo?" Roughly, the thief twisted his arm. Thus, those three fingers were rotated, stretching the ass lips further. The ass lips were stretched out until they almost bled.

Rick screamed because it hurt so much, yet it felt good. "Ah! Fuck my ass! Stretch it! Oh! Rape me!" Pain overcoming him, his voice wavered as he tried to bear the pain. "Hurt my ass. Come on, hurt it more. Give me more pain."

Being challenged, the thief was determined to cause maximum pain. "You asked for it," he said. And then he plunged in the fourth and the fifth finger. When they ripped open the ass, Rick howled out in great pain. "You homo, take it. I'm fucking you with my fingers." Four of his fingers were planted in Rick's warm rectum. The thumb only had its tip in. Pushing harder, the thief forced his hand in. "Take my hand. I'm ripping your ass apart!" Spitting on the stretched ass, he added more lube to ease his hand penetration. "Dos it hurt? DO you like it, huh? I'm gonna hurt your ass beyond your wildest fantasy, you pervert."

"Ah!" The security guard cried out in pain. His scream resounded through the building. The pain had overcome him, rendering him speechless. He could only cried because the pain was unbearable. The minor cuts he inflicted on himself earlier were stretched and ripped, forming larger wounds. Blood began to flow, but only in small amount. At some point, Rick almost could not bear the pain any longer. But he knew that even if he begged the thief to stop it, the thief would have never complied. "Oh! It hurts! Ah!" Howling, he tried to make the best out of the worst. After all, he himself who asked for it. Bucking, he distracted his mind from the hurt. His naked body was sweating profusely owing to the pain. Like a fish, he finned helplessly as the thief continued his anal assault.

Suddenly, the thief managed to plunge his hand into Rick's ass. The ass lips clamped on his wrist, radiating unspeakable pain. Rick's rectum was ravaged as it could hardly accommodate a hand in it. "Oh yes, it's in. And now, feel this." Clenching up his fist, the thief started the real fucking session. Assuming that his fist was his cock head, he began fucking the guard's wounded ass. "Yeah, take it. I'm fisting you. Your ass is mine. Yes, take it all. Scream for me, let me hear it." He, himself, was amazed at Rick's ability to take his fist up the ass. Although the ass lips were badly injured, they still managed to resist the fist. But of course, they lost. The fist continued to drill in and out, stretching the lips further. He had to spit again and again to lube up Rick's hole. "Take it, homo. Yeah, you fist pervert."

The real torture finally began. Rick screamed at the top of his lungs, his body bucking violently. He felt a giant object tear his ass apart. But as the fist worked its way in Rick's rectum, it hit Rick's prostate several time. Pleasurable tingles coursed down Rick's naked body. Like morphine, it turned off each pain he felt. "Oh! Fuck me! Oh!" Crying, Rick took it like a man. Back in academy, he was fisted almost weekly. He really missed the pain and the pleasure of being fisted. Groaning, he cried for the thief to drill his hole harder.

"Yeah, take it. I'm gonna blow your ass up with my fist." Violently, the thief used his fist to punch Rick's innards. The punching stimulated Rick's prostate to the maximum level. Each the punch hit that small organ, Rick would become breathes, as if something heavy had fallen on his lungs. "Take my fist. Feel it, oh yeah!"

And all of a sudden, Rick's naked body shook violently. The thief was surprised to see such violent reaction. It seemed that his punches had forced Rick's prostate to send massive orgasmic signals to Rick's cock. Thus, the security guard reached his climax! With a loud howl, Rick groaned out his orgasm. His whole body shook and shuddered as his cock spurted cum. The thick warm jizz flowed underneath Rick's body, smearing it. "Ah, yes! I'm cumming! Oh!" Rick yelled, his head reeling with overwhelming excitement. Seeing a macho naked man cum lit up the thief's lust once again. He, too, wanted to cum. Forcefully, he withdrew his fist out of the battered ass. The sudden withdrawal added more wounds on the ass lips, and spurred Rick to scream out again. Another massive load was discharged out of Rick's quivering cock. He had never cummed like that ever in his entire life. That was the best. The violent stimulation on his prostate had forced all his cum to spew out. Even when no more cum was shot out, Rick's body still shuddered from the orgasm.

Rick's hole was gaping open. For the moment, it lost its ability to clench up. But the thief did not care. Lying on top of Rick's jerking body, he planted his cock into the hole. "Oh, yeah, now I'm fucking you with my cock." Thrusting his hips, he shoved his cock in and out of the warm rectum. The friction still hurt Rick, as the wounds were new. Even though the ass was quite loosened up, the thief still received maximum pleasure. He groaned when his cock head scraped against the rectum wall. "Oh, I finally fuck a guy's ass. Oh, it feels great. Ah!"

Underneath, Rick had stopped ejaculating. His body was aching all over, bathed in sweat and cum. Wincing, he took the fuck like a man. The rocking movement that the thief made had rocked his body, too. To his surprise, the thief reached his orgasm faster. Howling, that thief creamed Rick's ass with his manly seed. "Oh, I'm cumming! Shit! Take my cum, slut! Oh yes! Oh!" Screwing Rick's ass more violently, the thief dried his balls completely. His cum was splashed into Rick's aching rectum. The warm thick liquid somewhat soothed the pain. Grunting, he pulled out his cock out of Rick's gaping hole and lied on his side. Looking up at the ceiling, he took deep breaths, recuperating. "Oh, that' wild," he sighed, resting his arm on Rick's back.


Wincing, Rick woke up and saw traces of sunshine. It had already been morning! Helplessly, the handsome security guard could only lie on the floor as he was still trussed up. Under his body was dried up cum, sticking his body to the floor. The smell of sex was so strong. Just when Rick almost fell asleep again, he heard running steps toward him. "Rick! Oh man, what happened to you?" A security guard ran over to Rick; he was Rick's co-worker. "Who did this to you?" He stared in disbelief at Rick's tied naked body. Observing Rick, he noticed that Rick's ass had been broken in. And he also found traces of cum on the floor and on his friend's naked body. "Rick, are you ok? Talk to me, man?" he asked worriedly. But the answer he got was surprising.

"Andy, fuck my ass, please. I need to get fucked. I want more cock. More fist. Please fuck my ass," Rick slurred weakly. That macho guard was fine; he was just tired out. Looking up, he saw his friends handsome face. To let him know that he did mean it, Rick grabbed his friend's cock through the trousers. "Fuck me. Fuck me, please."

"Alright, you stay here, ok. Help is on the way," his friend responded, unzipping his fly.