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Fist Bump - Scene 1
We paired tall, lanky Sky Devil with Lance Navarro, a sexy youngn with talented hands, steel ringed nipples and P.A. tipped cock. Lance works Sky Devils smooth butt open, coaxing out an open hole that cast a light across the widest ocean. Sky Devil moans for Lance to work him harder and harder while he lifts himself up and swings around on Lances arm. Sky towers over him like a beacon as Lance guides Sky from deep inside.


Rock Bottom!

Rocky just sort of appeared out of nowhere, late Friday night as I packed up my truck for a trip into town.

"Hey," I said, stuffing my bag of tricks into my tool box and locking down the lid. "What are you doing, out walking the streets?" I didn't really need an answer. Nothing Rocky could do would surprise me. I've known him much too long for that.

"Man," he said, "I need some air." He seemed a little jittery, coming closer. When he got right up next to me I could almost feel him grind his teeth.

"Yeah?" I asked. "Well it looks like you chose the right night to get it." Sweat on his arms and his forehead plastered down hair in the moonlight. One drop fell off of the tip of his nose. I leaned back against my truck, folding my arms and feeling sad. "Rocky, my man, you've been using again."

Merciless Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Merciless Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Hardcore Ass Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Hardcore Ass Fisting

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Fist Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Fist Fucking

Brutal Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Brutal Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Pitiless Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Pitiless Fisting

Free Fisting Movie!

Hand It Over - Scene 2 Par 1
Two beautiful boys take the stage: Billy Ryder and Quixote Brandon. Billy's supple body, framed in a black leather harness and black jockstrap, is too tempting for Quixote's limber wrists and hands. Quixote slips on a couple of black latex gloves, shines them up with creamy lube, and plunges them into Billy's boy-sized ass.


Picture Gallery Showing a Passionate Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Passionate Fisting

Ferocious Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Ferocious Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Ass Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Ass Fisting

Sadistic Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Sadistic Ass Fisting Movie Gallery


The sun was climbing to it's zenith and the heat rolled in heavy waves off the blacktop road which stretched for miles into the distance. Bill gave a tug at his crotch and wiped the sweat from his eyes as he manhandled the big Harley out of the flat desert floor into the gentle rise that signaled the start of the foothills. They swelled in the haze ahead to towering snow-capped peaks. "It'll be tougher cycling," thought Bill, "but maybe some relief from this heat." He'd been deadheading these past two days in order to get through the desert on his cross country camping trip. It had been a meandering trip up and down, in and out of side roads, leisurely exploring any way that struck his fancy.

The road started rising more noticeably now and patches of trees and greenery began replacing the scrub brush he had become accustomed to. After two more hours he was well into the hills and the desert was dropping behind. The cool breeze felt great on his hot dust-streaked body. The sweat ran down and pooled in his crotch and the crack of his ass. His jock and the seat of his jeans were soaked through, and in away it felt good. The vibration of the roaring motor seemed to form a bond between his damp ass and the hot leather seat, making him feel almost as if he were a part of the sleek black and chrome machine. Idly he reached down and stroked his cock, which had swollen full and fat, trying to push up under his wide leather belt.

Beastly Fisting Movie Gallery!

Beastly Fisting Movie Gallery

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Fist Fuck - Scene 4
Aaron Summers joins Mason Garet for a fist fuck. Mason and Aaron go at it, passionately kissing and sucking up and down each other's muscular body. Mason starts with two fingers but is soon filling Aaron with his entire fist. With the J-lube dripping, Mason plows his way into Aaron. But Mason wants a turn too, and bends over for Aaron to happily invade his hole.


Painful Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Painful Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Ruthless Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Ruthless Handballing

Passionate Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Passionate Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Beach Boys!

Marty was 22, and he'd been in a very heavy sexual relationship for four years. His partner, Peter, was great - heavy-cocked, and a long stayer when it came to sex, but they'd split up recently because Peter had wanted him to stop playing the gay scene - which Marty loved - and that was when Marty decided that he had to get away from the city.

He threw some things into a case and then stuck a pin in a map, which wasn't a very wise thing to do....which is why he now found himself in a small seaboard town a mere 100 miles from the city he'd just left.

The beach house he'd rented was the only building on this small stretch of coastline; the town itself being a short drive away, so he'd also rented himself a small car to get around and take in some scenery.

That morning, he decided to get up early and wash the car, which was already showing severe evidence of being parked near the beach, so he flung on an old pair of cut-offs, dropped a sponge into a bucket filled with slightly unhealthy-looking water, and set to work.

Potent Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Potent Ass Stretching Movie Gallery