Violent Fisting Movie Gallery!

Violent Fisting Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Hand It Over - Scene 3 Part 2
Here is the conclusion to Mason Garet and Aaron Hammers fist debauchery! Its hardcore, its full on and it's everything you expert from us here at the handball masters! 


Nasty Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Nasty Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Rock Bottom!

Rocky just sort of appeared out of nowhere, late Friday night as I packed up my truck for a trip into town.

"Hey," I said, stuffing my bag of tricks into my tool box and locking down the lid. "What are you doing, out walking the streets?" I didn't really need an answer. Nothing Rocky could do would surprise me. I've known him much too long for that.

"Man," he said, "I need some air." He seemed a little jittery, coming closer. When he got right up next to me I could almost feel him grind his teeth.

"Yeah?" I asked. "Well it looks like you chose the right night to get it." Sweat on his arms and his forehead plastered down hair in the moonlight. One drop fell off of the tip of his nose. I leaned back against my truck, folding my arms and feeling sad. "Rocky, my man, you've been using again."

Hard Fisting Movie Gallery!

Hard Fisting Movie Gallery

Two Boys!

James is five foot nine. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and 155 pounds of muscle. His arms bulge, his stomach is tight and defined. His chest is well formed and his nipples stick out from his well-defined chest plates. He is completely smooth. There's not a hair on him from his neck down. He shaves himself carefully every day. His cock, an eight-inch tool, is thick and cut with a wide hole at the tip of the broad head. His nuts hang low and sway as he walks. He is nineteen years old.

Peter is much the same as James, but with dark brown hair and green fiery eyes. He has the same smooth body, the same big cock, and the same low-hanging nuts. He believes himself to be older and wiser though, after all, he's twenty.

James is mine. I keep him. Keep him well. I have been away from home though. I've been gone six weeks and I won't be back for another three. My boy is lonely, and needs attention. That's why he's asked Peter to come play with him. What neither boy knows though, is that the room they are about to play in has eyes and ears--my eyes and ears. There are video cameras and microphones covering the whole room.

Painful Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Painful Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

First Fist!

It was back a few years ago, I was cruising upstairs at the 315 over on First, and I came across this hot little blond surfer type. We started getting it on, and our hands both started going for the ass at the same time. He called a halt to go fetch the Crisco and poppers. Now, fisting wasn't particularly on my mind... I figured we'd trade fucks and that would be that. How was I to know that there were gay surfer types in Minneapolis who got into handball?

Well, pretty soon we were busy finger-fucking each other while we sixty-nined. Then he called a halt and sat up and looked at me. "Wanna go further?" he asked. "As in what?" I replied. "Fisting man!" "You or me?" "Whatever," he muttered. "Well I've never had it, but I'm up for trying." BINGO!! The idea of a virgin ass really turned him on, so pretty soon I was on my back, sitting with my ass propped up on a pillow and him sitting cross-legged below me.

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Fist Fuck - Scene 4
Aaron Summers joins Mason Garet for a fist fuck. Mason and Aaron go at it, passionately kissing and sucking up and down each other's muscular body. Mason starts with two fingers but is soon filling Aaron with his entire fist. With the J-lube dripping, Mason plows his way into Aaron. But Mason wants a turn too, and bends over for Aaron to happily invade his hole.


Picture Gallery Showing a Unrestrained Ass Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Unrestrained Ass Fisting

Perverse Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Perverse Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Lost And Found!

I don't know what happened. Maybe I've got bad genes or something but I just get so bored that I need to make shit happen. I hate sitting around watching TV or playing those fucking computer games. I want to actually DO something; I need to be physically active.

My little sister said I'm just one of those assholes that has to be the center of everyone's attention. I don't know, maybe she was right; I am sort of the class clown. I think I do it to divert attention not get attention though. If I'm making a smart-ass comment then people are laughing about what I said or did not what I'm thinking or feeling.

When I was a kid, I don't know, about fourteen or fifteen, my older brother ran away. That night he and my parents had a huge screaming match then he just took off. He never came home and my parents never really seemed to care. So I learned to keep my mouth shut. Especially since I've always known I was gay.

Painful Handballing Movie Gallery!

Painful Handballing Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Explicit Punch Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Explicit Punch Fucking

Potent Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Potent Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Arm Of One - Scene 4
Mason Garet takes a true tour of duty and serves his ass up to new recruit, fisting top Geoffrey Paine. Geoffrey's huge cock barrels down Masons hungry throat and voracious ass. Then Geoffreys sure and steady hand follows in after, causing Mason to blow not just one but two incredible loads of hot lead.


Agonizing Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Agonizing Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Great Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Great Handballing

Agonizing Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Agonizing Ass Fisting Movie Gallery


His shoulders were flush with the rough pine boards, hips thrust seductivly forward, one leg drawn up with the heavy heel of his boot pressed against the wall. Pale amber light cut down across him, causing the visor of his leather motorcycle cap to cast his languid green eyes into deep shadow, highlighting his cheeks and close-cropped beard.

The man drew open his black leather jacket, hooking a thumb over his wide silver-studded belt. The light played off the mat of dark glossy hair curling thickly over his hard pectorals and his tapering, muscle rippled stomach.

He casually tugged at the waist of his jeans, low enough to expose the forest of his pubic hair. His flesh, already tan, was made duskier in the warm glow of amber light. In his other hand the man held an open bottle of beer, resting it against the swollen bulge of his crotch. His fingers played a rythmical tattoo against the cool sweating can, absently following the beat of the music flowing down from overhead speakers. Slowly he moved the base of the damp bottle along his denim encased crotch, darkening the material until the shaft was clearly visible as it grew, snaking across his hard thigh. The bulbous head of his cock strained the faded jeans with its outline.