Little Bobby!

Whos your friend, Jake asked while discarding two of his cards and asking the dealer for two more!?! Uh, this is Bobby Reynolds, my best friend from high school Peter replied, hes just here for the weekend!!! The five boys playing poker in Jakes dorm room all nodded their hellos to the slightly built young man before returning to their game! Peter and Bobby sat down in the corner to watch, but before they were even settled in their seats Jake piped up, You know the rules, Pete, anyone watching has to strip just like the rest of us, so either get naked or get out!!! Not wanting to be left out, Pete and Bobby quickly stood up and shucked off their clothes until they were standing there naked as the day they were born!!! Jake eyed the two freshmen hungrily and announced, The winner of the next pot gets to suck Bobbys cock!!! The other boys at the table murmured their approval at the idea and set about finishing up the hand!!!

Remorseless Handballing Movie Gallery!

Remorseless Handballing Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Your Ass Is Mine - Scene 1
We serve up our champion, Matthieu Paris to Antonio Biaggi. Aantonio starts out eating Matthieu's delicious ass with gusto. Then Antonio serves up his own giant uncut Puerto Rican wonder cock, opening up Matthieu some more. Still not content with what he's got, Antonio easily slides his hand along side his fat cock! Wow!


Perverse Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Perverse Ass Fisting Movie Gallery

Eucharist 2 - The Bottoms Point Of View!

There stands my top: black eyes, raven hair, black mustache, dressed in black leather. He is a man half-Hispanic, half-Asian. In him the passions of two cultures have blended to form one incredible, sensual animal. Everything about him is tight, compact and trim. His square face is framed by a perpetual five o'clock shadow. My Daddy. He is a head shorter than I am and a decade younger, but he's my daddy nonetheless. "Daddy," after all, is an attitude.

My eyes fall on the scar he got when he was in a San Pedro gang getting drunk and beating up rivals. He once told me, "It just seemed to be the thing to do until I met you." Now he's sober and uses his fists to punch and pound my ass. It's hard to imagine that this passionate man was once so brutal and so badly beaten. It's as though his spirit had been cleansed by suffering. He has turned from a fighter to a lover, a fist-fucking ass lover who can't get enough.

Extreme Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Extreme Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Spurs And Diamonds!

Saturday, 11:00 p.m. - In an apartment on New York's upper west side a man stood before a mirror, taking careful check of himself, the image reflected in the full length of the glass pleased him and he smiled. Turning profile he looked himself carefully over - his tapered muscular body snugly filled out the patterned western style shirt and the snug, well worn leather jeans. He stepped up to the mirror and his hand brushed his short thick auburn hair and smoothed his thick moustache. He ran his hand across his square jaw and gave a contented sigh. "Marlboro Man" he was often called in the bars along Christopher Street. It was an image he cultivated to the utmost detail, but at thirty-seven he was far more handsome than the fantasy man who gazed toughly and seductively down from the billboards all over the city.

Nasty Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Nasty Ass Fisting Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Hardcore Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Hardcore Handballing

Free Fisting Movie!

Your Ass is Mine - Scene 2
Matthieu Paris pulls out our biggest toys and gives us a great solo show. He rides toy after giant toy - heck, he even takes on the lube bottle!! He squeezes down on the thing, pouring out thick, syrupy, clear lube onto the next long toy which he promptly shoves up his wanting hole.


Picture Gallery Showing a Ferocious Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Ferocious Ass Stretching

Crazy Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Crazy Punch Fucking Movie Gallery


Yesterday was a great day for me. In the past, several guys have played around with my asshole. Of course, I have been fucked by many big cocks, dildos and fingers. Most guys I meet seem more interested in me sucking them and them fucking my boyhole than in serious ass play though. I didn't realize until yesterday how wonderful it is to be the object of a truly awesome fisting.

In the past, guys would finger me with three or four fingers; sometimes they would push it so that they were almost fisting me. I guess they didn't really force it and maybe I wasn't relaxed enough to really take it. I was in a rare, completely fun and relaxed mood yesterday when my new GOD arrived.

We had chatted online for a pretty short time. He explained that he was a dominant top and asked me what I was looking for. I replied, "I am your property. You own my holes and my only limits are that I don't want to have any physical, financial or emotional damage." He told me I was a good boy and to give him the address. He instructed me to be naked and to have all of my toys out for him to play with. I jumped in the shower, cleaned my boyhole and got everything ready for this hot master.

Extreme Handballing Movie Gallery!

Extreme Handballing Movie Gallery

The Bathhouse!

Dad had said that after lunch, he would not be able to be reached. To pass the time until then, I went to a local park and took one of their tails back into the woods where the straight guys went to get sucked. I went to my normal spot and waited on the old tree stump. I arrived just before eleven and waited for the lunch crowd. By two that afternoon, I had sucked six horny studs, most of which were married.

I left and headed for the bathhouse. When I signed in, I was given room 9 again. The guy at the desk smiled and said, "Gave you the same room. It seems to be lucky for you." I smiled and headed for the room to strip and start sucking cock. As I walked down the hall I was stunned to see another of dad's employees there. Cory was twenty-eight with auburn hair and blue eyes. He was extremely muscular and his chest was covered with a medium coating of hair; not auburn but red-orange as was his arms and pubes. That immediately turned me on and my cock jumped to attention.

Harsh Handballing Movie Gallery!

Harsh Handballing Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Fist Fuck - Scene 4
Aaron Summers joins Mason Garet for a fist fuck. Mason and Aaron go at it, passionately kissing and sucking up and down each other's muscular body. Mason starts with two fingers but is soon filling Aaron with his entire fist. With the J-lube dripping, Mason plows his way into Aaron. But Mason wants a turn too, and bends over for Aaron to happily invade his hole.


Severe Handballing Movie Gallery!

Severe Handballing Movie Gallery

Anal Obsession!

Almost everyone in Sydney had slept, except some people who worked during the night shift. One of them was Rick. Using his flashlight, Rick was patrolling around the mall. As a security guard, that white man was paid to watch over the mall where he worked at. The watch on his hand pointed out that it was nearly 1 AM in the morning. Yawning, Rick started to get bored. The sounds of his boot steps echoed through the mall. Even his breath could be heard clearly. Stopping in front of a fashion store, Rick found himself staring at a mirror in that store. For some minutes, he just stood there and admired himself. Rick liked seeing himself in his security uniform; he looked very manly. Flashing his body, Rick saw how handsome he was in that white uniform. Uncomfortably, he was pulling at the collar. His neck had been bathing in steady stream of sweat. In fact, his uniform was soaked with sweat. Since the air conditioner was turned off, the temperature in the mall rose up. Hurriedly, the 30-year-old security guard unbuttoned his uniform. One by one, the buttons were undone. Hanging open, the shirt revealed a sweaty sexy chest.

Passionate Fisting Movie Gallery!

Passionate Fisting Movie Gallery