Lessons From My Fisting Dad!

I am in my Dad's room. My parents are divorced. I am living with my Dad. I am 17 yrs old, young and horny and very curious. My Dad is at work (or so i think). Being the horny kid that I am - I am snooping around my father's bedroom hoping to find some porno. After going through his drawers, under the bed and not having any luck, I go to his closet. Above the rack of hanging clothes is a single shelf with folded sweaters and a couple of shoe boxes stacked on top of each other. I pull the boxes down, place them on the floor, open it up. Finally. I find what I have been searching for. My teen dick is hard, stretching my underwear and causing a noticeable bulge on my jeans. I flip through the other shoe boxes. Score. Even more VHS tapes, all home-made, copies with strange titles like DILDO BOOT BIGS, MO BIGGA BUTT, HANDBALL MARATHON, POWERFIST, PIGS AT THE HOIST, countless others. A lot of fisting in the titles which captures my teen, horny curiosity. My dick is straining. In the third box, I find surprisingly (I'm shocked actually) some dildos of various sizes and a small, fat dildo (which I'll learn later is a butt plug; I am 17 after all). Also in this box is a jar of Crisco and a small tube of something called body slide, some lube or something. I spread the contents of the boxes on the floor. Man, my dick is getting so fucking excited! I strip out of my clothes, just throwing them on the floor. My Dad's room is somewhat large. There is a large, king size bed against one wall, with a dark, wood headboard and a nightstand at each side. Across from that is a large dresser with a huge mirror facing the bed. Beside that is a large screen TV and VCR. On the left side of the bed is a big leather club chair with a matching ottoman. And beside that is a big tall dressing mirror - one of those that swings. My Dad likes to sleep in late so the windows are all covered with dark curtains to block off the morning sun. It's very private.

Passionate Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Passionate Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Intense Punch Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Intense Punch Fucking

Free Fisting Movie!

Hand It Over - Scene 2 Par 1
Two beautiful boys take the stage: Billy Ryder and Quixote Brandon. Billy's supple body, framed in a black leather harness and black jockstrap, is too tempting for Quixote's limber wrists and hands. Quixote slips on a couple of black latex gloves, shines them up with creamy lube, and plunges them into Billy's boy-sized ass.


Anal Obsession!

Almost everyone in Sydney had slept, except some people who worked during the night shift. One of them was Rick. Using his flashlight, Rick was patrolling around the mall. As a security guard, that white man was paid to watch over the mall where he worked at. The watch on his hand pointed out that it was nearly 1 AM in the morning. Yawning, Rick started to get bored. The sounds of his boot steps echoed through the mall. Even his breath could be heard clearly. Stopping in front of a fashion store, Rick found himself staring at a mirror in that store. For some minutes, he just stood there and admired himself. Rick liked seeing himself in his security uniform; he looked very manly. Flashing his body, Rick saw how handsome he was in that white uniform. Uncomfortably, he was pulling at the collar. His neck had been bathing in steady stream of sweat. In fact, his uniform was soaked with sweat. Since the air conditioner was turned off, the temperature in the mall rose up. Hurriedly, the 30-year-old security guard unbuttoned his uniform. One by one, the buttons were undone. Hanging open, the shirt revealed a sweaty sexy chest.

Violent Handballing Movie Gallery!

Violent Handballing Movie Gallery

Heinous Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Heinous Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

My Fisting Experience!

Fisting. The word alone seems to instantly divide gay men into two camps. Those who do or are interested and those who don't. Some simply aren't interested and leave it at that. But others take a highly negative and critical view of those who do. I'm not sure how or why this attitude came about but I suspect it is due to a view of fisting as inherently linked with an image of big hairy men in leather who swear, curse and spit at each other. Hands are rammed in arses in scenes that are almost bordering on psychotic. I've been fisted many times and none of my experiences fit with those I've seen on screen. This is my story.

Firstly a little about myself. I'm in my early 40s. I'm white, slim build, with a little chest hair which I usually shave off. I work out several times a week, a mixture of cardio and weights. I'm lean but not thin. I have some muscles but no-one would call me muscular. My cock is cut and an average six inches. I'm average height, about 5'7". I have relatively small hands although I didn't see how advantageous that would be if one got into fisting.

Deep Fisting Movie Gallery!

Deep Fisting Movie Gallery

The Final Step!

I was 19 years old and I had been actively gay for over a year, having lost my cherry to a large black guy in a booth at an adult movie theater. He was also the first cock to ever enter my mouth.

I will never forget that day as I sat almost mesmerized as the big black shaft slid through the hole in the side of the booth. I had been there several times that month and each time a guy poked his cock through the opening I had lost my nerve and promptly left the booth. I had thought long and hard about it and this time I had made up my mind to go through with it. This was the largest cock I had encountered and as I slowly leaned toward the shiny, cum- slicked head I knew it would be a good mouthful.

I wasn't sure how I would react to the first taste of cum although I had tasted my own a few times. I never realized how much it took to get a 8 inch cock into your mouth as my lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth. It quickly took up all the space in my widely-stretched virgin mouth and I felt him flinch as my teeth contacted the delicate skin of his large truncheon. For those of you who have sucked cock you will totally understand the feeling that engulfed me as I felt my mouth filled with that firm yet flexible sweet shaft.

Deep Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Deep Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

ManCaves - Scene 5
Billy Ryder's plunging fists plow deep and wide into Michael Johns, who takes both Billy's able hands. Michael's ass lips swell, hang open and invite more deep, penetrating exploration. Certainly there's room for two. Marc LaSalle steps in and both Marc and Billy settle in to Michael's well-appointed ManCave.


Cruel Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Cruel Ass Fisting Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Intense Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Intense Ass Stretching

Ferocious Handballing Movie Gallery!

Ferocious Handballing Movie Gallery

Two Boys!

James is five foot nine. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and 155 pounds of muscle. His arms bulge, his stomach is tight and defined. His chest is well formed and his nipples stick out from his well-defined chest plates. He is completely smooth. There's not a hair on him from his neck down. He shaves himself carefully every day. His cock, an eight-inch tool, is thick and cut with a wide hole at the tip of the broad head. His nuts hang low and sway as he walks. He is nineteen years old.

Peter is much the same as James, but with dark brown hair and green fiery eyes. He has the same smooth body, the same big cock, and the same low-hanging nuts. He believes himself to be older and wiser though, after all, he's twenty.

James is mine. I keep him. Keep him well. I have been away from home though. I've been gone six weeks and I won't be back for another three. My boy is lonely, and needs attention. That's why he's asked Peter to come play with him. What neither boy knows though, is that the room they are about to play in has eyes and ears--my eyes and ears. There are video cameras and microphones covering the whole room.

Unyielding Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Unyielding Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Beach Boys!

Marty was 22, and he'd been in a very heavy sexual relationship for four years. His partner, Peter, was great - heavy-cocked, and a long stayer when it came to sex, but they'd split up recently because Peter had wanted him to stop playing the gay scene - which Marty loved - and that was when Marty decided that he had to get away from the city.

He threw some things into a case and then stuck a pin in a map, which wasn't a very wise thing to do....which is why he now found himself in a small seaboard town a mere 100 miles from the city he'd just left.

The beach house he'd rented was the only building on this small stretch of coastline; the town itself being a short drive away, so he'd also rented himself a small car to get around and take in some scenery.

That morning, he decided to get up early and wash the car, which was already showing severe evidence of being parked near the beach, so he flung on an old pair of cut-offs, dropped a sponge into a bucket filled with slightly unhealthy-looking water, and set to work.

Free Fisting Movie!

Veteran stars Mason Garet and Taurus Dean light up the screen in this fisting party. First Taurus takes Masons ass with his cock, but fucking is just a prelude to the real action. Taurus wets his gloves and dives right in. Mason opens up easily and takes Taurus's fist with a groan. Taurus does double duty using first one hand and then the other, swimming in Mason's ass.


Picture Gallery Showing a Vicious Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Vicious Ass Stretching