Hardcore Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Hardcore Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Fisted By My Boyfriend!

My boyfriend Jarod and I have been together for almost seven years. After all that time, I guess you could say that our sex life has become fairly predictable. Not that we have a bad sex life, mind you - just predictable.

It usually starts on a weekend morning with a little "under the covers" cock play that leads to kissing. Then our clothes come off, and he starts to suck me (or I start to suck him). After about ten minutes of trading blowjobs, the lube bottle comes out of the bedside table. He lubes his cock, and then squeezes some onto his fingers. He rubs it around my hole, and inserts one lubed finger. He lifts my legs, and slides his 7.5" cock into me. He usually fucks me for about fifteen minutes before shooting his load deep in my ass.

All in all, were pretty compatible. Hes a top, Im a bottom, and we both enjoy our roles. Even though I complain somewhat about the predictability, within ten seconds of him entering me, my hips are thrusting against him, and Im begging him to "fuck me with that big cock." After all this time I still thoroughly enjoy being his bottom, and Im pretty sure he feels the same way.

Strenuous Fisting Movie Gallery!

Strenuous Fisting Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Manholes - Scene 6
Eric Michaels in his boots, black leather jock framing his square ass and arm bands pairs up with the well-inked Bobby Black for what seems like an hour of fist-ass punching. Both are men really get into it here, in a performance that will leave you gasping.


Unrestrained Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Unrestrained Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Little Bobby!

Whos your friend, Jake asked while discarding two of his cards and asking the dealer for two more!?! Uh, this is Bobby Reynolds, my best friend from high school Peter replied, hes just here for the weekend!!! The five boys playing poker in Jakes dorm room all nodded their hellos to the slightly built young man before returning to their game! Peter and Bobby sat down in the corner to watch, but before they were even settled in their seats Jake piped up, You know the rules, Pete, anyone watching has to strip just like the rest of us, so either get naked or get out!!! Not wanting to be left out, Pete and Bobby quickly stood up and shucked off their clothes until they were standing there naked as the day they were born!!! Jake eyed the two freshmen hungrily and announced, The winner of the next pot gets to suck Bobbys cock!!! The other boys at the table murmured their approval at the idea and set about finishing up the hand!!!

Passionate Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Passionate Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Vicious Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Vicious Handballing

Unrestrained Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Unrestrained Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Diabolical Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Diabolical Fisting

Free Fisting Movie!

Arm Of One - Scene 3, Part 1
Mason Garet tries to get a jeep ready but can't keep his mind on his work with Ricky Sinz and Trey Casteel breathing heavy down his neck. Mason would rather get his own ass overhauled anyway. And overhauled it gets!


Spurs And Diamonds!

Saturday, 11:00 p.m. - In an apartment on New York's upper west side a man stood before a mirror, taking careful check of himself, the image reflected in the full length of the glass pleased him and he smiled. Turning profile he looked himself carefully over - his tapered muscular body snugly filled out the patterned western style shirt and the snug, well worn leather jeans. He stepped up to the mirror and his hand brushed his short thick auburn hair and smoothed his thick moustache. He ran his hand across his square jaw and gave a contented sigh. "Marlboro Man" he was often called in the bars along Christopher Street. It was an image he cultivated to the utmost detail, but at thirty-seven he was far more handsome than the fantasy man who gazed toughly and seductively down from the billboards all over the city.

Hard Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Hard Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Stud Twinks!

My divorce was final. My ex had moved to the East Coast with her new lover and somehow had managed to take our teenage son with her. I was still dazed and confused how the court had made that happen. He was at the age, I thought, where he needed a father more than a mother. The house was being sold and I was moving into a two-story place on Elm Street. It was too big for one but I was reasonably sure, and hopeful, that Travis would be moving back with me late in the summer to go to school for his senior year and if he did I needed a place for us besides the little cramped apartment that I'd moved into when my wife and I split up.

Elm Street is where I made the acquaintance of the Hart twins, Darin and David. I met them the day I moved in. They made themselves known to me. The two I watched coming across the street were not the same when they got up close. They were wearing ragged cut-off jeans and T-shirts whacked off about up to their pecs, revealing abs that looked like stacks of bricks and thighs that could move a tank, their muscular bodies belying their youthful, innocent looks that I saw when they were up close.

Vicious Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Vicious Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Rock Bottom!

Rocky just sort of appeared out of nowhere, late Friday night as I packed up my truck for a trip into town.

"Hey," I said, stuffing my bag of tricks into my tool box and locking down the lid. "What are you doing, out walking the streets?" I didn't really need an answer. Nothing Rocky could do would surprise me. I've known him much too long for that.

"Man," he said, "I need some air." He seemed a little jittery, coming closer. When he got right up next to me I could almost feel him grind his teeth.

"Yeah?" I asked. "Well it looks like you chose the right night to get it." Sweat on his arms and his forehead plastered down hair in the moonlight. One drop fell off of the tip of his nose. I leaned back against my truck, folding my arms and feeling sad. "Rocky, my man, you've been using again."

Great Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Great Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

David Castan and Nicolas Torri are real life lovers and they love to fist fuck. Nicolas is the bottom and David wastes no time stretching Nicolas' hole wide and deep. Nicolas starts on his back, moves to his knees, and then stands up to allow David access to every inch of his hole.


Great Handballing Movie Gallery!

Great Handballing Movie Gallery

The Bathhouse!

Dad had said that after lunch, he would not be able to be reached. To pass the time until then, I went to a local park and took one of their tails back into the woods where the straight guys went to get sucked. I went to my normal spot and waited on the old tree stump. I arrived just before eleven and waited for the lunch crowd. By two that afternoon, I had sucked six horny studs, most of which were married.

I left and headed for the bathhouse. When I signed in, I was given room 9 again. The guy at the desk smiled and said, "Gave you the same room. It seems to be lucky for you." I smiled and headed for the room to strip and start sucking cock. As I walked down the hall I was stunned to see another of dad's employees there. Cory was twenty-eight with auburn hair and blue eyes. He was extremely muscular and his chest was covered with a medium coating of hair; not auburn but red-orange as was his arms and pubes. That immediately turned me on and my cock jumped to attention.