Free Fisting Movie!

Hand It Over - Scene 3 Part 2
Here is the conclusion to Mason Garet and Aaron Hammers fist debauchery! Its hardcore, its full on and it's everything you expert from us here at the handball masters! 


Vicious Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Vicious Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Leather Messiah!

To bow. To worship. To breed. These are the notes of his symphony, his soul's hunger.

His eyes dart from body to body, evaluating, finding nothing of either sustenance or substance.

In his emptiness, I sense his desperation for my religion. He seeks a fane with an altar of leather and chains. Here is not that temple.

Here is an artificial place, shat from a machine's anus. Here, mirrors are black, reflecting nothing. Here, exploding, manic strobe lights illuminate nothing. Malice and hatred wafts like mustard gas. Here stinks of quotidian suburbs, and he would not be here except for the lies he'd been told that this was a place for sublime pleasures.

He is surrounded by entities human in shape but monstrous in soul. Hello, Shub-Niggurath, the Goat with a Thousand Young: that vast belly sags like a great teat full of milk fit only to nurse a foul brood. Bitch ye, O Cthulhu, about clothes and television and the queens and the rent boys who took the money but wouldn't put out. Like mushrooms growing in shit are the fungi from Yuggoth, sporting identical goatees, duplicate piercings, and shaven skulls. And the colour out of space is the greenback, passed from palm to greedy barkeep, a leprous plague that does not kill but disfigures.

Potent Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Potent Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Remorseless Ass Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Remorseless Ass Fisting

Merciless Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Merciless Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Savage Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Savage Handballing

Free Fisting Movie!

Fist Bump - Scene 1
We paired tall, lanky Sky Devil with Lance Navarro, a sexy youngn with talented hands, steel ringed nipples and P.A. tipped cock. Lance works Sky Devils smooth butt open, coaxing out an open hole that cast a light across the widest ocean. Sky Devil moans for Lance to work him harder and harder while he lifts himself up and swings around on Lances arm. Sky towers over him like a beacon as Lance guides Sky from deep inside.



Yesterday was a great day for me. In the past, several guys have played around with my asshole. Of course, I have been fucked by many big cocks, dildos and fingers. Most guys I meet seem more interested in me sucking them and them fucking my boyhole than in serious ass play though. I didn't realize until yesterday how wonderful it is to be the object of a truly awesome fisting.

In the past, guys would finger me with three or four fingers; sometimes they would push it so that they were almost fisting me. I guess they didn't really force it and maybe I wasn't relaxed enough to really take it. I was in a rare, completely fun and relaxed mood yesterday when my new GOD arrived.

We had chatted online for a pretty short time. He explained that he was a dominant top and asked me what I was looking for. I replied, "I am your property. You own my holes and my only limits are that I don't want to have any physical, financial or emotional damage." He told me I was a good boy and to give him the address. He instructed me to be naked and to have all of my toys out for him to play with. I jumped in the shower, cleaned my boyhole and got everything ready for this hot master.

Grim Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Grim Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Merciless Ass Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Merciless Ass Fisting

Ferocious Handballing Movie Gallery!

Ferocious Handballing Movie Gallery

Unexpected Four!

It was finally Friday! Not only the end of the week, but the beginning of a much needed two-week leave from work as well. The Captain and First Sargent had been real assholes all week. It was time to take off and get off for Tom, a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine unit in Northern California. The first order of business would be to log-in to San Francisco's Kinky Computer and see if his messages had brought him any responses.

Bingo! There was a private message from Jimmy. They'd been talking about getting together on Tom's last leave, but it hadn't worked out. Now here was a message from Jimmy telling him to leave his home phone number so that Jimmy could call and make arrangements for a get-together! Tom left the information and then browsed around the board, hoping for some more action. There was one hot story, so Tom downloaded it. He'd read it later, his heart wasn't in it now, all he could think about was Jimmy's call. As soon as the story was on his local drive, Tom cut the connection.

Explicit Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Explicit Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Arm Of One - Scene 3, Part 1
Mason Garet tries to get a jeep ready but can't keep his mind on his work with Ricky Sinz and Trey Casteel breathing heavy down his neck. Mason would rather get his own ass overhauled anyway. And overhauled it gets!


Wild Handballing Movie Gallery!

Wild Handballing Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Cruel Fist Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Cruel Fist Fucking

Ruthless Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Ruthless Ass Fisting Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Agonizing Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Agonizing Handballing

Fierce Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Fierce Ass Stretching Movie Gallery